1 million in 5 months

In just the month of 2022, a million 017 million 951 migrants have passed through the territory of Mexico, hastily cruised to the United States, and far from Marzo, Abril and Mayo have lost their records of historical details in Pakistan.

Registrations of the Advanias and Frontier Protection Agency (CBP) indicate that, since May of this year, a million 017 mil 951 captures of migrants, an augmento of 43 per cent of the 43 contenders by 2020, 2020 , 00,000 duration miles 182.

“We have to face the humanitarian crisis that is living in Centro and Sudamérica, and we are living in a country with great nationalities because of the different nationalities. That impact directly on the North Frontier ”, created by Alejandra Macías Delgadillo, Executive Director of Asylum Acces, organizer defending the derachosgrants of the derachosgrants.

We hope that the conditions in Latin America do not change, that there is a lot of fear, insensitivity and lack of opportunities besides its explicit factors for the people who are looking for a better quality of life.

This aumento tiene que ve con con la crisis humanitaria que se está viviendo en Centro y Sudamérica. The panorama will tell you the truth, while the violations of the human beings of the people who migrated

Alejandra Macías Delgadillo, Executive Director of Asylum Acces

“In addition to the situation and it has increased in other parts of the country like El Salvador, the politics of gubernatorial decentralization obliges the gente to salir”, expuso.

The expertise that “the panorama will follow the misunderstanding, since it violates the human rights of the people who migrate, as is the case of their detentions. However, the Mexican Commission on Refugees in Ayuda (Comar) is rebellious and does not presuppose to regulate migrants, apart from the fact that the EU will continue to deal with Article 42 ”.

The number of captures of migrants on the frontier on the EU aumentó by the most conscientious Durante Mayo, but the last three months were filled with the records of migration hackia pais vecino, pues en marzo 2223 rec. en abril, 235 mil 478 y, en Mayo sumaron 239 mil 416.

With these new discoveries, which reflect the aunts of migrants, with a million 017 mil 647 captures more than the whole of August 2021, in which they have counted 595 million.

The controls of migrants controlling in and out of Mexico, the people will always like in big candidates.

Julio César “N”, of El Salvador, or fue deported two vees to his country from the EU, but hopefully a part of the previous one will have a new opportunity to take the vecino del norte and reunite with his esposa and two hijo.

“In 2016 and 2019, I lost my migration to the EU; I returned to El Salvador in Avión, but I returned because I saw the possibility of reuniting with my family in New York. , and this is what we want (see EU) ”, explained La Razón.

The indication that the more rapid the passage to the Union of America is because of the Arizona descent, or that it is a sign of vigilance, is one of the more disturbing traits that must be taken into account.

In 2016 and 2019 I received the best migration in the EU; I will return to El Salvador in Avión, but I will return because I will see the possibility of reunion with my family in New York

Julio César “N”, Migrante salvadoreño

Not to mention that there are three occasions where the city is located in Mexico where there are actually many places in Chiapas, Sonora and Baja California.

“There is no need for cruisers with polleros; they are not arising for the desirato, for the palero, but always with all groups of people to be esteemed”, he said.

Ahora, Julio César met him at the Albert Juventud 2000, in Tijuana, Baja California, in a spectacular volleyball match and reunited with his hijackers, who did not see him since 2016.

To refer to the feminist migrator, José María García, director of the Albert Juventus 2000, explained that the situation of the migrants is very difficult, because it is living in Mexico at the end of the day. México Dejan Passer

“This is very furious. Apart from this, Article 42 (the program that allows EU expeditions to speed up migrants and which should be completed on May 23) is quadruple and this is what makes it easy to keep up with.

“Writing the panorama is a little tranquility, but there are moments in the aumento of the exodus and the details, apart from the fact that we always have a lot of families”, destacó.

He also thinks that the mobility of the person does not exist, that he is not a frenzy, that he knows that he is living in Mexico, more than the irregularities that exist in the trunk and in the new. gente en las fronteras.

… Y aumenta hasta 33.5% detención de mexicanos

The concentration of Mexicans in the United States increased by 33.5 per cent in the first few months of 2022, respecting the lapso, but by 2021, the passage of 284 mil 025 and 379 mil 206 captura.

Of course, the Aduanas and Frontier Protection Agency (CBP) has stated that the pico de asteo lo tuvo marzo, with 87 million 899 captures; The sighs abril, with 82 mil 393, and mayo, with 76 mil 887. De esta manera, los ultimos tres mesas son los más altos en racords actuales.

On the other hand, the CBP said that since the Mayo has been reduced to 13 million 976 Mexicans, against 11 mil 557, an increase of 21 per cent; We love the little ones and the little ones, they don’t help and they don’t help.

Esmeralda Shiu, vocera de la Coalición ProDefensa del Migrante en Baja California, aseguró que las mismas condiciones por las que los centroamericanos migran, son las que toman los mexicanos para salir, pues desde 2013 deronyenosa flores no flour.

“The situation in the country has not been resolved, we are still safe and secure from the mismane, because it is very easy to say that the conventions aumentar sun at the United States, because in Mexico it is beautiful.”

Juan Martín Pérez, Coordinator of the Tejiendo Redes Infantiae in Latin America and the Caribbean, indicates that the mainstay of the menus is an ryego, or that at the moment deportarlos se frantan a diversos riegos, cotadopóndor el.

“Ellos can transform the girls in the circuit, because they try different things to enter and they also play in repatriation occasions, we realize that the girls are sexually exploited and only use them for decontamination,”

The expertise that would have been possible to create a transnational mechanism to protect the menors, that the retorno sea coordinado and no sello se dejen in a frontera abandonados.