1500m thriller Iman Capigon leaves Saifan Hassan behind

The Zurich Diamond League had a 1,500-meter fight as Faith Capigan won a thrilling bout with Saifan Hassan in the women’s event. Timothy Cherwitz defeated Olympic champion Jacob Injbergisten in another race.

In the Zurich Diamond League, Iman Capage won a hard-fought battle with Saifan Hassan.

It was interesting to see two long distance runners (this year) fighting to finish their season at a height.

Kenya’s Faith Capigon has always been a favorite at 1,500 meters, while the Netherlands’ Safin Hassan competed bravely on home stretch. However, Capigan had enough to stop Hassan and win at 3: 58.33. Saifan Hassan achieved a speed of 3.58.55.

American runner Judith Norris finished third in 4: 00.41 to win the 2021 season.

Chanel Price was a pacemaker in the early leaps, but as it slowed down, Capigone began to build ground. Kenya agreed to lead the main field in 2: 10.5. Australia’s London Hall led the final at 2:59.8 a.m. but the main race had not yet begun.

Olympic champion Capigone began to push back and only Saifan Hassan and Norris were able to stay close to 200. Around the last turn, Norris retreated and this was the battle everyone was eagerly awaiting – Iman Capigan vs. Safin Hassan.

Capigone led the home stretch but could not open the gap on Hassan. In the last 50 meters, Hassan went all cylinder and was on Kenya’s shoulder. However, there is little that can be done to keep Saifan Hassan second in the Zurich Diamond League.

Timothy Chariot defeats Olympic champion Jacob Inzbergisten in Zurich Diamond League

Norway’s Jacob Inzbergisten won the Olympic gold medal by defeating Kenya’s Timothy Cherwitz.

Injibrigston again defeated Kenya in the pre-classic two weeks later. The balance seemed to change permanently, and Norway – which is still only 20 years old – has become a holding force. Jacob’s father and coach, Gerrit, even went so far as to tell Norwegian TV that Jacob would never again lose to Cherokee.

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It took the Kenyan runner just a month to disprove it, as he won his fifth straight Diamond League final after an epic battle. Cheruiyot crossed the line at 3: 31.37, while Ingebrigsten crossed the line at 3: 31.45.

As in the women’s 1500m in the Zurich Diamond League, the two favorites began to separate in the final stages. However, although Anjubrigatson had a clever run in the last lap, the young man never closed the gap for Chariot, who held his ground for a big win.


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