167 militants are in the process of being evacuated in Pan Covilla, El Saglo de Turin.

In Kohla, the National Action Party is awaiting the expulsion of 167 militants so that preparations for later by-elections can begin.

The 167 militants facing eviction are due to the fact that they campaigned for another party.

This Friday, Pan Kohvilla announced that, last Thursday, October 7, a meeting of the State Council was held in which various points were reviewed, including one for the election organization for the election of the new State Committee and its head. Formation of internal commission.

However, this point was rejected against 50 and in favor of 19. Along with dieting.

It was agreed to request the Pan-National Council’s Order Commission to resolve the problems of the militants who are in the process of deportation as soon as possible, after which they will meet again with the Commission on Internal Elections. Will manage.

For his part, the current Pan leader, Jesus de Leon Tello, said, “We will give rights to the rights of our militants, not interests outside our party. Pan is our home and we must take care of it.”


Author: Meczyki

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