25 bodies were found in graves in Sonora

Mexico City.- The Madres Buscadoras de Sonora collective reported that several secret graves were found in two parts of the state, where they found at least 25 bodies.

The first discovery of the day occurred on the coast of Hermosillo, where they located 7 tombs with charred remains and five complete bodies.

“We do not know how many more there are. We are at the site of the discovery,” they reported on social media this morning.

At the same time, they found in the city of Miguel Alemán in Hermosillo 16 graves with at least 20 bodies.

“Some (bodies) were burned and others in skeletons,” the women explained.

With shovels and picks, gloves and hats, the women carry out a search group in the state.

“We comfort our pain between us every time the signs say it’s our lost hearts,” they said on social media, along with a picture of two women hugging.

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