3 potential Russell Wilson should be replaced by Sea Hawks.

Of Seattle Sea Hawks.The worst fear about Russell Wilson It has been confirmed that the quarterback underwent surgery on his finger after suffering a football injury against the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night.

Wilson He is expected to recover in at least a month and possibly 6 to 8 weeks. The Seahawks are at a crossroads this season, especially after Jamal Adams’ contract became more expensive in 2022. ?

If the Hawks decide to look for new options, check out Wilson’s three possible changes.

3 possible changes to Russell Wilson

# 1 – Kim Newton

The benefits of having the best free agent quarterback available are that you are going to be an option for every team that needs it. Newton is healthy, he had a great time with the New England Patriots and he will keep the Seahawks’ playoff chances alive when Wilson is out.

Kim Newton’s thinking. – Sea Hawks.? I don’t hate it

Wilson’s play style is completely unique, but Newton has at least some of Russell’s technique to strengthen his arm and arm and to accelerate the ball. As for the stop gap option, it’s as good as it gets.

# 2 – Mitchell Trobsky.

We know Trobsky isn’t good enough to be a franchise quarterback, but he’s a great option as a backup quarterback.

Trobsky is athletic, can throw something deep and has enough experience to lead the team during the easy part of the upcoming schedule. It will also come cheap, as it is worth 2 2.5 million in a one-year deal with Buffalo Bills.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints.
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints.

# 3 – Gardner Mansho

Mansho doesn’t have a strong arm to explore deep balls like Wilson, but his main strength since the days of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been his intelligence and decision-making. If your backup can avoid turnovers, this is a great start to keeping your season alive.

Mansho was recently bought by the Philadelphia Eagles for only the sixth round, so the price is really low, and he’s still on his shopkeeper contract, so the pay cap can easily accommodate him.

The Eagles appear to have found a quarterback position at Galen Hearts, and Joe Flaco could have a draft pick for Philadelphia Mansho with guaranteed money as a backup until Wilson returns. The Hawks will have an easy option.

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