3 Signs You Have Control Issues

As a business coach, I am in the business of helping business owners overcome obstacles and help them grow their business faster than they thought. And as such, I have seen my share of leadership issues and problems. And if I have to point out one issue that causes the most problems for business owners—I must say that the urge to control everything is high on the list. I like to call it controlitis. But if we want to say that it’s actually a behavior that traps you, the businessman, the business leader, in an endless cycle of doing, doing, doing. It keeps you stressed and anxious, and can really take a toll on your business and your mental health.

Thankfully, there are ways to overcome this desire, but the first step is to admit that you have a problem. So today I want to go over 3 signs that suggest that you may be suffering from control issues.

you are worried all the time

You feel that the world is on your shoulders. You feel like only you know how to run your business, and no one else cares as much as you do. You feel like if you want something to go right, you have to do it yourself. You find yourself late into the night worrying about the future, worrying about the current projects on your plate, and whether you will accomplish your goals. While these thoughts are normal for business owners, it becomes an issue when they become a constantly recurring thought. When you find yourself worried all the time, no matter how well your business is doing, it could be a sign that you have control issues and are having trouble quitting your business.

You Can’t Stop Micromanaging

You have a strong history of micro-managing your employees’ work, even if it’s a low-stakes position that doesn’t warrant it, where there’s no real payoff to do that micro-management. You find yourself spending exorbitant amounts of your time and leadership attention on things that don’t matter to your business or your goals. And there’s less time to focus on the things that will really move the needle.

you want to do it yourself

Your mantra is: If you want something to go right, you just have to go ahead and do it yourself. This is often combined with the idea that you are on top of things in your business, and that you can do no wrong. Even if you have a history of getting things both big and small through the cracks, and unfinished projects or failed goals. This desire to do everything yourself is a huge red flag that you have control issues that need to be addressed.

When you combine your anxiety, your desire to micro-manage, and your need to do it yourself, you often find yourself struggling to delegate anything to your team, which can leave them feeling frustrated and out of the loop. Is. Which can lead to even bigger issues down the road. If you find yourself displaying these three signs, accepting it will help you start letting go of your business.

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