3 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for Job Search Sites

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When you sit down to submit a resume, you’re probably thinking of talking about your job roles, skills, and personal interests. When creating a resume, it helps to keep the next step in mind: namely, posting your resume on job search sites. These sites simplify the hiring process, provide thousands of relevant listings, and lead to opportunities that might not have been on your radar.


High volume of applications are coming every day on sites like ZipRecruiter And others, how do you make a resume stand out and grab attention? Job search sites and applicant tracking systems (ATS) take advantage of powerful algorithms to filter through them all.

You can improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams by customizing your resume for job search sites. Whether you are entering the job market, looking for a new position, changing industries or returning to the workforce after a while, these simple yet powerful tips can increase the visibility of your resume and Can help you stand out in a sea of ​​applicants. ,

1. Customize with keywords and phrases.

Job search sites take advantage of search queries to find matches. If you see common phrases or ways of wording words in similar job listings, consider invoking that verb when you sit down to submit a resume. Using language similar to a job description to capture the algorithm and recruiters’ attention.

Even job titles differ between companies. By making your job title a bit more universal, you are making it easier for applicant tracking systems and reviewers to understand how relevant your experience is to a certain position.

2. Simplify formatting.

You’ve seen it before. Only uploading your resume on the job site to fill in accurate information in the application. The alternative is that the job site pulls information from your resume directly into the application, but the correct fields are not always populated. Images, fancy fonts and colors can confuse algorithms.

As good as a unique resume is for humans, try to stick with easy-to-read fonts like Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, or Times New Roman when uploading to a job search site.

3. Quantify your achievements.

When you create a resume, emphasize the results of your achievements to demonstrate your value to your employers. Be as specific as possible. Measurable success is a great way to describe how you have influenced past roles and how you might perform in your next position.

In addition to creating a great resume, once you’ve gotten into the hiring process, you’ll also want to emphasize other areas that recruiters might be interested in. Consider giving your LinkedIn profile and even your portfolio or website a makeover with these optimization tips.

Once your resume is ready for job sites, it’s time to put yourself out there. Job search sites allow you to cast a wide net and let you filter job listings based on what you’re looking for. ZipRecruiter A free and popular choice among job seekers and recruiters. It is rated #1 job site in the US1 and leverages sophisticated AI-matching technology to simplify job search by connecting hiring managers at top companies with the right candidate – almost like an individual recruiter. ZipRecruiter Provides your resume to companies matching your profile so that they can apply to you.

Also rated as the #1 job search app on iOS and Android2Its one-tap-apply functionality lets you easily apply to jobs on the go.

No matter where you are in the hiring process, job search sites can be excellent tools to present you with the right opportunities to advance your career. With a little personalization and customization, you can make sure that your resume doesn’t go unnoticed for the job you were created for.

1 Based on job seeker app ratings, as of February 2021 from AppFollow for ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Glassdoor, Ind, LinkedIn, and Monster.

2Based on G2 satisfaction rating as of December 31, 2020