30 CMIC companies went bankrupt due to suspension of Ahmasa’s payments.

Monklova, COAH – they will be. 30 Monclovense companies. Acted on Mexico Chamber of Construction Industry Those who will go straight to bankruptcy. Altos Horns de Mexico. a support Commercial Bankruptcy As the columnist claims. Dario Sales. In one of your posts

That’s how he made it famous. Ra راولl Flores Gonzیزlez, President of CMIC On The central area of ​​Kohville During a press conference where Private initiative Because in uncertainty Alonso Enkira Elizondo, President of Governing Council of AcereraIt does not say whether the situation is right or wrong.

“It not only bankrupts us all, we have to declare ourselves in a trade suspension.”

He said that to the partners of CMIC, Are due. 200 million, Between Canaco, Canacentra, Coppermax and Canacar. Is equal to the amount One billion paise, Without counting the number of contractors who do not comply with these groups.

He said he wanted to prevent the company from resorting to a. Commercial Bankruptcy And suspended Payment to suppliersSince very few people receive late payments from steel makers, there are already people who are providing services and receiving their payments on time.

As the leader of CMIC Called Alonso Enkira Elizondo, in advance Company managers So that in a face-to-face meeting with the traders, they can tell what will actually happen to the company, see where it is going and what will happen to the resources that have not been paid to the suppliers for two and a half years.

“We’ve been supporting Ahmsa for the last 30 years, and a company like ours, well, that’s true for 50 years,” he was quoted as saying by Conservative Total.


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