4 WWE Superstars who could potentially win the Universal Championship at Summer Salem.

Roman Empire Will defend it WWE The Universal Championship this week at the Summer Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ‘Head of the Table’ held the prestigious championship for more than 340 days, and continued its stagnant race on SmackDown.

‘Tribal Chief’ has successfully defended his gold against a superstar like Cesaro. Daniel Bryan., Edge, Kevin Owens and even Jay Yosso of his bloodline. With ‘Hyman Scientist’ in the form of Paul Hyman, we can see a lot more reign as our Universal Champion.

A big blockbuster match is scheduled for the main event of Summer Salem. That being said, let’s take a look at four superstars who could potentially win the Universal Championship at Summer Salem.

# 4 Baron Corbin could walk away from Summer Salem as Universal Champion.

This could not be worse for the former ‘king’. Baron Corbyn has hit rock bottom, and it doesn’t look like things will move in the right direction anytime soon. Or will?

After weeks of begging for financial help from the WWE Universe and his colleagues, Corbyn hit a brick wall. Recently on SmackDown, Kevin Owens told Corbyn that it was time to stop begging. Owen and Corbyn had a match, and if Corbyn lost, he wouldn’t be able to beg for more help. Corbyn lost the match, adding to his worries.

When Corbyn entered the backstage area after the match, he saw a great opportunity and decided to take a snapshot. He saw Big E’s money lying on a table in the bank’s briefcase, and decided to take the opportunity and steal the briefcase. Does this mean that the former Lone Wolf is now a briefcase holder? Could Corbin possibly get his cash at Summer Salem?

After its immediate reduction, things could potentially find Corbin. If he had tried to cash in on the briefcase, he would have become the WWE World Champion for the first time in his career. From the bottom of the rock, to the very top of the right in a few minutes is possible.

It is possible that this is the direction in which the former RAW constable is heading, and it will be for an amazing moment in Summer Salem. Then, knowing Corbyn’s fate, he can only make twice as much money in a bankholder who wastes his cash opportunities.

Edited by Ashran Mahajan.


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