5 Best Moments of Kevin Durant’s NBA Career

Kevin Durant A great player is Kevin Durant, a unicorn. Kevin Durant is the greatest scorer in NBA history.

All of the above statements about Durant are true. KD is undoubtedly going to be the first Belt Hall of Fame one day. He is an 11-time All-Star, four-time scoring champion, 2014 League MVP, two-time back-to-back MVP (2017, 2018) and a member of the 50-40-90 Club (2012-13 season). ). It has made scoring ridiculously easy since entering the league for the first time in 2008. Attributes fall short in describing the real effects of watching Durant’s game, that’s the limit of his merits.

Throughout his 13-year NBA career, Kevin Durant has done much to make fans happy. He had one of the best NBA careers in the history of the NBA, not just in the 21st century. At 33, though, Durant (birthday on September 29) is closer to the end of his basketball career than ever before. With all the highlights and memories KD gave us, we take a look at five great moments of his NBA career.

# 5 Kevin Durant won by 43 points in Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant’s most effective game in appearing in the finals. In Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, Durant dropped 43 points on Cow, shooting 23 of 65 (65.2) from the field. He was nine out of six from the city (66.7). it is The third most effective game In Durant’s playoff career when he scored more than 40 points. Durant also had 13 boards and seven assists in the game.

The significance of Kevin Durant’s performance must be seen in this context. Stephen Curry Gained more points in the other 2018 final games. But with Curry struggling in Game 3 (just 11 points, 3 of 16 from the field), that meant it was the game that helped Durant win its second consecutive MVP final.

# 4 “You know who I am? You all know who I am?”

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors - Game One.
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors – Game One.

Patrick Beverly limited Kevin Durant to just eight shot attempts (eight) while he conceded more turnover (nine) in Game 2 of the first round matchup of the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors 2019 playoffs, Durant said. The legendary media commented:

Patrick Beverly may be outraged by this suggestion, Durant 38, 33, 45 and one Career Best 50 Points Against the Clippers in Games 3, 4, 5 and 6 to win the Golden State Warriors series. On 57/40/95, Durant distributed these four games at an average of 41.5 ppg to remind the world that he is “Kevin Durant” and will always be.


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