5 fighters who have won more in the UFC than their brothers.

I fight. UFC Naturally it’s an individual sport, but we’ve seen on several occasions that throwing down an octagon can move a family.

Over the years, the UFC has seen many siblings compete for seats within the Octagon, but most of the time, one sibling is more successful than the other.

Whether it’s a talent, an application – or even a difference in the weight classes in which a pair of siblings compete – is always up for debate. However, it is safe to say that when it comes to the following siblings, they are able to outdo each other.

With that in mind, here are five fighters who have had more success in the UFC than their brothers.

# 5. Dominic Reis has more UFC success than Alex Reis.

Dominic Reiss has more success in the UFC than his older brother Alex.
Dominic Reiss has more success in the UFC than his older brother Alex.

Dominic Reiss. It may be the worst skid of his MMA career so far, as he has lost his last three UFC fights, but he is still recognized as one of the best light heavyweight fighters in the world.

The Devastator debuted in the UFC in 2017 with an instant victory over Joachim Christensen, followed by five more wins on the bounce. After former UFC middleweight champion Chris Wademan was knocked out in October 2019, he found himself in line for the UFC light heavyweight title shot.

Raees was defeated in this battle. John Jones, But he pushed the ‘bones’ harder than any fighter in his UFC career, and was lucky not to come up with a title wrapped around his waist.

However, even if ‘The Devastator’ never takes back the form he showed to get the UFC title shot, it is safe to say that he is far more inside Octagon than his older brother Alex. Success.

In fact, it would be easy to forget that Alex Reis was a complete UFC fighter. This is because to date, he has had only one fight in the UFC. Reiss was brought in as a late substitute for Thiago Elvis in a fight with Mike Perry in late 2017, and lost by a demonic knockout.

The older Reyes brother did not fight in the UFC despite having a solid record of 13-3, and may have quietly hung up his gloves یقینی making sure that Dominic was certainly more successful than the two brothers. Will be known as


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