5 GTA Online moments with random

Randoms in GTA Online is often a meme in society, with some fun and painful moments that players regularly experience.

You never know what they’ll get with randoms in GTA Online. Sometimes it can be fun, but they can keep up with the player to finish everything quickly and efficiently. More often than not, it is the opposite.

It’s better to play GTA Online with friends than with random ones, especially because of how bad some of the latter can be at times. Still, it is not an option for everyone, which means they must have experienced some of the painful moments listed below.

Five painful moments of random robbery that GTA Online players can relate to

5) Those who do not know what they are doing

Not all randoms are harmful. Sometimes they ruin everything just because they do not know better. Some of their antics are often astonishingly stupid to the point that you might think they are trolls.

They can try to fire weapons at a horde of enemies, but it does not end well. In these moments, a GTA Online player must try to take control of the situation through communication. Otherwise, it will end in failure.

4) Players who leave in the middle of the mission or rob

One of the worst aspects of playing GTA Online with random games is not knowing if they will last until the end. These random relationships do not necessarily end after death. It can be something as simple as shutting down their internet for a minute.

Either way, it will be treated as a failure. Unlike the previous example, you can not really communicate with a player who goes AWOL. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the trolls who sabotage the robbery before they leave.

3) AFKare

A player leaving GTA Online for any reason still allows others random to move on with their gaming session. A player who goes AFK (away from the keyboard) prevents this from happening, as the mission can still continue while they linger and do nothing.

So it wastes everyone else’s time. It can be humorous to quarrel with their AFK character, but it’s much faster to leave the passport (especially if they announce that they will be AFK).

2) Trolls and mourners

Cayo Perico Heist can be made solo, which makes it less receptive to trolls and mourners (Image via Rockstar Games)
Cayo Perico Heist can be made solo, which makes it less receptive to trolls and mourners (Image via Rockstar Games)

Trolls and mourners can AFK or leave sessions, but that’s not the only thing they can do to torment GTA Online players. When it comes to chance, they are often the most hated to have in their team. Of the two, mourning is the most annoying variant to deal with (especially if they are tough).

They will guarantee that a robbery will fail, with little or nothing like a GTA Online players can do to stop it (if they are assaulting the player). It can be frustrating or humorous, depending on how it all goes.

1) Asks for a high salary, but did not do any installation assignments

GTA Online players should not be fooled when it comes to robbery. As long as they understand their value and contribution, everything will go according to plan. While it is unbearable to be awarded a catastrophically low percentage, it is also annoying to see some random begging for a stupidly high percentage of rewards.

If they did not set up assignments, they should not expect to get much. If they are too persistent, it basically means that nothing is done and everyone randomly starts over with the recruitment process.

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