5 things to keep in mind for a high K / D ratio in Freefire.

The high K / D ratio in free fire is important for a variety of reasons. For starters, many guilds only accept players if their K / D ratio is high in the game. Moreover, while. Advancing Rating As a team, you need a good K / D ratio to find good teammates.

When aiming for a high K / D ratio, players need to keep a number of things in mind during the match and implement them. Although this list may seem overwhelming at first, it will become second nature with time and practice.

Keep these things in mind while aiming for a high KD ratio in Freefire.

5) Use pets to enhance combat skills.

The use of pets in free fire can help enhance combat skills and help players secure the buoy more easily. Knower Who is a pet Using some characters together will be a game changer.

That said, while pets provide bonuses and help players in the game, players should not rely on them to get the maximum K / D ratio. Some degree of skill is required.

4) Choose a character that supports play style.

Just like choosing a pet, choosing a character that supports play style will be very important in Freefire. To improve the K / D ratio, players will need to understand which role works in which situation.

For example, when Dmitry can use his ability to correct a heartbeat during a rush, Crono and his Time Turner will be more powerful in a given situation.

3) Know when to retreat.

When looking for opponents, players need to think carefully before engaging, and when engaged, players need to think about whether the fight will go in their favor or whether retreat is a better option. ۔

While winning engagements will help improve the homicide rate, not ending it will help reduce the death rate. To ensure the best K / D ratio in free fire, players must understand when to stand up and fight back.

2) Play with good teammates.

Playing with good teammates in Free Fire is a great way to improve the K / D ratio in the game. Most of the time, the match will end with Boya due to good coordination and teammates.

If players need to play in the squad, they should either look for experienced players or play with well-known people. Avoid random. It’s great when teammates try to take the game seriously.

1) Always return to the initial game.

Looting early in the game requires multiple modes: surfboards for player mobility, healing drugs, mushrooms EP, And weapons to drive out opponents.

The golden rule when aiming for a high K / D ratio in free fire is to always loot as much as possible early in the game. This will ensure that the players are well-equipped and able to withstand any obstacles that may come their way.

This article is subjective and fully reflects the views of the author.


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