5WWE superstars who deserve their first Summer Salem place

The WWE Summer Sale is set to be the biggest show the WWE will put on this year, with reports that the company wants their summer party to be bigger than WrestleMania now. That the mob is back.

This means that there will be some large-scale matches on the card, and if the rumors are believed and we will meet. Roman government Vs. John Cena And Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg then this is definitely the start.

But, there are a lot of WWE Superstars on the roster who have never appeared before for this particular salary show and certainly deserve to step into this summer’s Salem.

Let’s take a look at the 5WWE Superstars who deserve to wrestle in their first Summer Sale.

# 5. Lever Morgan should get a singles match in the Summer Sale

If Nikki ASH hadn’t won the money in the Bank Ladder match, I think most people would have been happy if Leung Morgan had been there instead. This is because SmackDownStar is now doing a great job for the blue brand when it is on its own.

Her story line where she was trying to get into the Money in the Bank ladder match, but Sonia Devil kept adding other people to the match, she was good, even if it was things that changed with Bailey’s injury. Ended up being rude instead.

I hope the WWE can advance Lever Morgan’s singles and eventually get him to a position where he can compete in the Summer Sale and really star in it.


Author: Meczyki

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