7 Ways Leading Companies Boost Repeated Sales

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Some businesses focus too much on new customer acquisition and neglect repeat sales. The targeting and allocation of resources is dedicated to bringing in new customers, not cultivating customers who have already given them business.

In a competitive market, neglecting existing customers can put you in a losing position to your competitors. Here’s how you can earn and increase repeat sales to keep both new and existing customers coming back for more.

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

All businesses claim to provide excellent customer service, but not all of them deliver on that promise. Customer service should always be a top priority in your business—that’s what keeps customers loyal.

If you neglect your existing customers in favor of attracting new ones, you are only boosting customer churn. Whether it’s a brand new customer or a ten-year customer’s hundredth sale, give them the same commitment to satisfaction.

2. Respond to customer questions, concerns and complaints

With email, social media, chat and phone calls, customers expect their questions and concerns to be addressed quickly. Not only is it important to offer multiple modes of communication but it is important to assign a team to get customers a response within 24 hours.

Although finding talent can be difficult, you should make sure that your entire organization understands the value of customer service. Customers want to know that there is business to them after sales and that they are valuable. Responding quickly shows them that they are a priority.

3. Nurture the Customer in the Post-Purchase Stage

Every time a customer makes a purchase, you should collect a name, phone number, email and postal address. Having this information – and consent to communicate – gives you a chance to stay in touch. You can provide your customer with insider information such as new product launches, special offers and feedback requests.

You don’t want to annoy or annoy your customers. Keeping the line of communication open allows you to connect with them and develop a long-term business relationship. This approach presents repeat business opportunities.

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4. Streamline the checkout process

Customers want a seamless, stress-free, secure and streamlined checkout process. Any obstacle or obstacle along the way can be enough to push them into the competition.

Your goal should be to make the checkout process as few steps as possible. Avoid having customers jump through a bunch of hoops to complete checkout. Make sure customers can easily go back to correct errors in their orders, shipping information, and billing information.

5. Offer Value with Social Media

Social media is an important part of modern business. Customers want to see their favorite brands actively using social media and providing content. It allows customers to engage directly with brands and stay informed of new products, company changes or useful industry information.

Share relevant content regularly, such as whitepapers, articles, blogs, videos and infographics that provide value to your customers. It is not about promoting your brand or your products but about giving customers something that you think will benefit them. Loyal social media followers often become loyal paying customers.

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6. Educate customers about your products or services

You are not in the business of generating profit. You are in business to provide a solution to a problem. Your products can solve problems only when customers feel empowered and confident in using them to the fullest.

Depending on your product or service, timely customer education and training is the only way to ensure that your customers get the most out of them. If you provide comprehensive customer education, your customers will be more satisfied with your business and their purchases. And, they will be more likely to make purchases in the future.

Here are some ways to educate your customers:

  • Use multiple communication channels including social media posts, live chat, video Q&A, chatbots and tutorials
  • Offer a comprehensive onboarding process to new customers or new products and services
  • Offer video tutorials and demonstrations to introduce your customers to the various features
  • Start conversations and engage with customers to make sure they feel comfortable asking questions
  • Make customers aware of the educational resources you offer for your products or services

7. Build a Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs go a long way toward retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases. Loyalty programs make customers feel empowered and valued. These programs can be very effective with attractive rewards such as loyalty points, special discounts or gifts.

You can start your loyalty program by giving your customers points as they make purchases. Include a counter that lets customers know they only have to make a few more purchases to reach their first reward.

get those repeat customers

Repeat customers are more profitable for any type of business. These strategies will help you deliver an exceptional customer experience and keep customers coming back for future purchases.

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