70 cadets will join DSPM of Turin, El Seglo de Turin.

Sergio Lara Galvan, secretary of the Turin City Council, announced that this would take place next December when the last 70 elements graduating from the Turin Police Academy would be the troops to be added to the security surveillance work that year. Turin Police

Lara highlighted plans for the return of the Turin Police Academy, which has allowed the birth of about 500 cadets of the said system, which was excluded from the previous administration for various reasons, until the next administration. Necessary structures remain in place to ensure that new police officers continue to be trained and in line with the standards of control, trust and service established by the National Public Security System.

Sergio Lara Galvan said the graduate cadets, and later their involvement in the Turin police, had been achieved despite a gradual reduction in the funding for local public security and a final disappearance. Its supply will stop in 2021.

“Despite federal cuts in security, we are continuing to make progress in this area in Turin … This has been the hallmark of the current municipal administration and the commitment made by Mayor George Zarmino Infante, an institution in charge of training. The training of cadets and elements, “the official said.

The former city mayor also said that this would happen in the coming weeks when more details about the official holiday date of the new cadets would be provided by the Turin Police Academy. Announce that if there is any official function or event to close the municipal administration in this sense.

They will strengthen surveillance actions.

Earlier last week, Manuel Jose Panda, head of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), confirmed that surveillance operations in the city would be strengthened by the end of this year, with the cooperation of state and federal corporations. Under the corporation’s force, he said he believes he has the numbers needed to cover incidents by the end of the year, especially in matters of prevention of robbery, theft of vehicles and internal surveillance. Department

Safety measures.

He announces the next graduation of cadets from the Turin Police Academy.

* There will be 70 cadets who can immediately join the surveillance work in the city.

* About 500 cadets have graduated from the Turin Police Academy since 2018.

* Municipal officials confirm that there is adequate structure in place to sustain the project during the next administration.


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