8 Health Habits That Will Boost Your Energy Levels

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I am Ivan Burazin; I am the co-founder and president of Codeanywhere and the executive of Infobip. I parallel run a small, diversified investment portfolio, ensure quality family time, read at least one book a month, work out every day and travel extensively.

Through work and social life, I find myself surrounded by highly motivated, inspiring people, and we are all looking for ways to build thriving careers and live our best lives. We understand that it usually boils down to being smarter and working harder than other people around us. We call it “enthusiasm” and we embrace it in our pursuit of success.

When we are unable to do as much work as we would like to do every day, we usually blame it on timing. Sure, we can improve productivity by scheduling our calendars better. We can turn off time leaks between meetings or tasks. But at the end of the day, everyone still has the same 24 hours.

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fix your energy, not your time

I recently read a post on Twitter in which someone asked, “How do you have the energy to do a side project with a full-time job?” This question really struck me, because I’ve been trying to do many things for decades, and maybe you’re thinking the same thing. It’s not a side hustle – it could be anything you want to accomplish outside of your full-time job. No matter what you want to do, you’ll soon find that the difficulty with doing more lies in managing yourself. energynot so much yours Time,

Personally, energy is something that I have always lacked. I often woke up tired. I will feel lethargic in the afternoon. And at the end of the day, I’ll find it hard to sleep – not ideal for doing a lot in one day.

Because of this, over the years, I have been on a mission to create more energy physically, mentally and emotionally and it has transformed my work and my life. I’ve learned that if you want to live a high-performance life, it helps to think of yourself as an F1 car. F1 cars are so fast that drivers are actually called “pilots”. And yet, winning is not just about speed, but also about synchronicity.

Everything that makes up an F1 car has to work perfectly in sync. The driver, engine, tyres, bolts and everything else has to collectively build speed to win. Just like that, if you want to work at your highest potential, you can not only fix a part of yourself, but complete it. Your body, mind, sleep, food, habits and many other factors have to align. This way you will bring out your maximum energy and your best self.

Here are eight health habits I’ve implemented that have significantly improved my energy levels, helping me not only do more, but actuallybetter eels while doing more, While I don’t promise that all habits will work for everyone, I encourage you to test as many as you can and implement those habits that work for you.

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1. Decide to Prioritize Sleep

I recommend grabbing a copy of sleep scientist Matthew Walker’s book, why do we sleep, It completely changed my perspective about the importance of good sleep. It suggests that sleep is the most basic thing you need to be highly productive, and almost No one Can sleep for less than 6 hours and still perform at their best. I find that when I am well rested, I am able to function much faster. Establishing a good sleep regime for at least 7 to 8 hours every day is essential, but sleeping alone doesn’t have to be just to feel well rested.

2. Question your alcohol intake

Like most of you, I enjoy a good drink from time to time. However, I have learned to avoid nightcaps. I know many people think that alcohol helps them sleep, because it “soothes the mind” or “quickly kicks them out”, which may be true. But they do not realize that not a single drink is drunk two hours before bedtime. can disrupt their sleep quality Enough.

It’s not like you should stop drinking alcohol completely. Just start being more mindful of the day that you have already planned. If it’s a normal day, try drinking at least two hours before bedtime. And if you need all your energy to carry through the next day, try giving up alcohol altogether.

3. Manage Your Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that controls our 24-hour internal clocks or “circadian rhythms“Our night-day or sleep-wake cycles help us to relax. Our bodies produce melatonin in response to darkness. Ideally, you want to maintain melatonin levels that give a nice smooth up.” Towards the graph looks like – as high as possible in the morning, and as high as possible at night.

The easiest way to manage melatonin levels is to control your exposure to light, because light block melatonin, while darkness produces it. In the morning, as soon as I wake up, I open all the windows and turn on all the lights in the apartment, in order to get my melatonin levels down as quickly and as low as possible and completely as soon as possible.” Awake”. possible. I like to step out on the balcony or stick my head out the window to get some real sunshine on my face for a few minutes. All of this helps me to be more alert and more alert throughout the day.

I try to keep as much light around me till sunset. At dusk, I start turning off the lights of the house. Ideally, you’ll have some indirect lighting in the house – you should turn these on while turning off direct lighting. Another good idea is to switch all your screens from blue light to yellow light as night falls. The idea is to make it easier to “slide” into sleep, by reducing ambient light to increase melatonin production.

4. Count Your Coffees

In addition to light, caffeine is also an inhibitor of melatonin. So, try to get most of your coffee fix (or any other kind of caffeine hit) in the morning, and reduce intake as the day progresses. I stop consuming caffeine of any kind after 5:00 pm, to release the “wall” blocking melatonin and aid in the process of making more of it.

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5. Fix Your Eating Pattern

If you really observe your energy throughout the day, it’s easy to find a connection between how you feel and what you eat.

Like most people, I used to feel a huge drop in energy soon after lunch. I fixed it by scheduling light, high-protein and veggie-based lunches. I don’t eat sugar, not even alcohol, as these ingredients are heavy to digest and make you drowsy, and a follow-up dose of caffeine to counteract even the small drops I get from food – it’s my Works wonders for. Some people find that their quality of sleep is also affected by heavy dinners, so you might want to remedy that as well.

6. Get Serious About Exercise

You know how exercise can make you feel great, so it’s something you should try to do for yourself every day. You can use morning exercises to jumpstart your body; To do this in the morning, I personally prefer cardio. I sometimes schedule workouts around 6:00 PM, which gives me a few more hours of fresh energy. I find that evening exercise, which is mostly weight training for me, also makes it easier for me to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. When it comes to working out, don’t overdo it – the idea is to feel more energy, not less.

7. Unleash Your Flow

when was the last time you were”FlowState – When you felt so “in the zone” that nothing else mattered other than the work you were doing? If you don’t remember it, don’t worry. The average worker deals with it 87 interruption Every single day for their work!

Getting and staying “in the flow” is currently my biggest challenge in building entrepreneurial energy, and something I’m trying to make a habit of. I know it’s not about adding up the number of hours I work, but about making the most of the hours I work. Working hard, creatively while in a state of focus and flow brings out my best.

I recommend setting aside at least half a day for this, twice a week only. Find out what time of day is easiest for you to focus. For some people, it is early in the morning, and for others, it is late at night. Choose the one that works well for you, but be sure to turn off all information, and propel yourself into a state of flux to discover your best mind-function.

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8. Learn to Relax

I know that for the aspiring entrepreneur, comfort seems like an unnecessary luxury. You tell yourself that you will have enough time to rest afterwards. It’s not until you burn out that you realize that in order to be successful, you need consistency.

It’s not the occasional zealous job that drives your biggest win; This is a continuous effort over a long period of time. Learn to listen to your body’s demands. When you feel like you can move on, move on. But when you need to stop, stop. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, to generate more energy, be sure to rest when you need to.

Good energy is an integral part of good leadership. Combine this with consistency, and trust me you will keep going even when others give up. Once you create consistency, no matter what the day is for you, you’ll know the next day is coming and your routine awaits. You will find that this emotional roller coaster can be invaluable to anyone living that entrepreneurial life.

Finally, please note that each of these habits are deep topics in their own right, and we have only touched the surface here. Hopefully though, this article has inspired you enough to do the same. Now that you are armed with this formula to fuel your entrepreneurial energy, go ahead and say goodbye to burnout forever.