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it is difficult Paul McCartney Find one of the best celebrities celebrating the 80’s that celebrates ‘Glory Days’ in the spectacle with Bruce Springsteen contributing 60 million invitations.

Así es, el ‘Beatle lindo’ cumple 80 este sábado. This is one of those hit culture that has made the gentile suspicious and says “¿Ya pasó TANTO tiempo?”

L. Lafani, McCartney.

If you have more than one mediocre leave it Los Beatles The separation and the time have come true is the story of the young men and women who say:

Some say that other members of the generation “hopefully die before the explorer”, including Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and the Beatle Ringo Starr, McCartney is suffering, shared his music from Escenario.

“There’s a juvenile exuberance that you don’t have,” said Bob Spitz, biographer of the Beatles, about McCartney. “Todavía hay algo de ese chico de 21 años que brilla en todas sus actuaciones

Sería un cliché, y estaría mal, sugerir que el tiempo ha pasado sin dejar huella. The fragility of your voice was evident to the canter ‘Blackbird’ at the Juveves at the MetLife Stadium, at the last nook of a brew. gira por Estados Unidos. The cost of alkanzar las notas agudas en ‘Here Today’, on the love cartoon of John Lennon, who quotes the proverbial life proto.

But with the help of an empathetic band and imaginations and the voices of the public, it seems superfluous the points are different.

“Well, well, correct, there’s a whole lot to be done,” said McCartney, leaving the public cartel that he recorded. “No, I don’t want to ignore it, but …”

The public can clearly hear ‘Happy Birthday’, including before a celebration of New Jersey, Jon Bon Jovi, took the globe away from the second scene of the convent to bring one more song.

Another type of New Jersey, Springsteen, summed up McCartney to canter a duo of ‘Glory Days’ and a version of ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’. Dispatch replaces for a couple of guitars in ‘Abbey Road’.

For the most part artists, the local realization of the potential will be a moment of difference. Pocos can cantar ‘Let it be’ and ‘Hey Jude’ inmediatamente después.

Is Paul McCartney the favorite artist of the song?

To celebrate the music, The book Stereogum contains 80 artists featuring their favorite McCartney songs.And the elegant furon was very varied, since the pre-Beatles song of 1958 ‘In the Spite of All the Danger’ – which McCartney interpreted in MetLife – had its 2016 collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West ‘FourFiveSeconds’.

David Crosby and Dan Auerbach de los Black Keys eligible ‘Eleanor Rigby’. El Gran Wayne Coyne de The Flaming Lips ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Steve Earle’s selection of ‘Every Night’, which means that Joe Elliott’s Def Leppard was against the correlation with the dullce ‘Little Lamb Dragonfly’. Mac DeMarco gave the épica of ‘Ram’, ‘The Back Seat of My Car’.

Muchs SE quejaron de lo injusto de tener que elegir sólo una.

The albums of Paul from other perspectives

The art of stereogum Illustrate the perspective variations of different genres of music in a live catalog. For example, revealing that a very good album, like ‘McCartney II’ from 1980, had a much greater impact on emerging artists than it would have been if it had existed for its purpose.

El Viernes, the equation McCartney anunció que incluiría ‘McCartney II’ with ‘McCartney’ of 1970 and ‘McCartney III’ of 2020 in a pocket that sold out in the past.

What’s so significant about a catalog? McCartney interpreted 38 songs in the MetLife, 20 de las de las Beatles, and included the day of the omitir una decada entera. ¿What is the newcomer?

With the help of Peter Jackson, who reminisced about the sessions of ‘Get Back’ for a televised project back then, McCartney made a duo ‘virtual’ with Lennon cantando su parte de “I’ve Got a Feeling” tomado de su famoso concierto de azotea. تمبیئن rindió homenaje and George HarrisonWho fell in 2001, with a version of ‘Something’ that came to Paul with a token that George had regressed before he left the band.

Spitz recorded a clip of the era of the Beatles in which Lennon took dijo to an interlocutor who was more than 10 years old. McCartney established a pair of feet with a friend. Lennon was right on the beat about the Beatles like unity, but equated to his music.

Desperate to find the ultimate artificial fuego, mintras se retiraba alegre del escenario, McCartney desperately with un: “Nos vemos la próxima vez”.