9 Benefits of LinkedIn Ads That No One Has Mentioned

Are you thinking of running LinkedIn ads? You may have heard that they are more expensive, but what are the benefits of LinkedIn ads?


To help you best appreciate the benefits of LinkedIn ads, we asked this question to content marketing professionals and social media managers for their best insights. From having a very high conversion rate to enabling greater brand exposure, there are a number of exciting benefits to running LinkedIn ads that elevate the social media platform above all else.

Here are nine benefits of LinkedIn ads that no one mentions:

  • Linkedin ads have high conversion rates
  • Using organic engagement to measure paid ad response
  • LinkedIn Ad Format Variety Is the Better Choice
  • LinkedIn ads target users in demand for a working solution
  • LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences Helps Expand Our Reach
  • LinkedIn has a more professional audience to target
  • LinkedIn ads are effective for contact targeting and retargeting
  • LinkedIn Integrated Lead Generation Reduces Online Friction
  • LinkedIn Ads Enable More Brand Exposure to Niche Audiences

Linkedin ads have high conversion rates

LinkedIn advertising has been a great way to reach my target market. I have been able to create Custom Audiences and target them with specific ads that attract them. As a result, I have seen a significant increase in leads and conversions from my LinkedIn ad campaigns. The conversion rate of LinkedIn ads is very high as compared to other social media platforms. For example, LinkedIn ads convert leads at a rate of 3-5%. This is significantly higher than the conversion rate for Facebook ads (0.5%) and Twitter ads (0.3%).


Aviad Farooz, faruzzo


Using organic engagement to measure paid ad response

LinkedIn beats other advertising platforms for us because we can test ads first as regular posts and content on our company’s LinkedIn page. If we engage well after offering it systematically, we turn it into a sponsored ad. It’s a great way to test out an ad and make sure we’ll see a good response and return from a paid audience – we’ve tried our best to optimize our paid LinkedIn ads more than any other platform. Organic engagement-building strategy is used.


John Lee, fig loan

LinkedIn Ad Format Variety Is the Better Choice

When choosing the best social media with various advertising options at your fingertips, look no further than LinkedIn Ads. Choose Sponsored Content if you want your professional ad promotions to appear in people’s feeds. With text ads, you can choose who you want to target and just pay per click. Indulge in great storytelling with video ads, which also boost conversion rates to boot. Dynamic ads allow you complete personalization. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn ads are a better choice when promoting your specific message.

Joshua Chin, chronos


LinkedIn ads target users in demand for a working solution

LinkedIn users are often in demand for work solutions. Many digital platforms cater to passive consumers through social networks. LinkedIn is unique in that it is a professional social network. This means that many of its users are entrepreneurs or managers who face organizational issues on a daily basis. They need solutions and LinkedIn provides an ideal place for advertisers to market products that can solve their work issues. LinkedIn ads target a user base that is in demand for work solutions.

Lisa Kirsch, kind-hearted

LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences Helps Expand Our Reach

LinkedIn is the best social advertising platform for B2B businesses like us. Since the user base is full of professionals from different industries and allows you to highly customize your advertising audience, you can reach just about anyone. We even use the platform to reach audiences outside of our criteria using their “Lookalike Audiences” tool. When selected, LinkedIn scans our existing audience data to create new audiences similar to ours – this has helped expand our reach!

Reuben Games, sign well

Reuben Games - Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a more professional audience to target

Compared to other social recruitment platforms, LinkedIn ads let you reach more people with higher educational qualifications and successful professional careers. If your target audience includes people in this demographic, LinkedIn is something you can explore. It offers a wide selection of top skilled individuals from various industries and backgrounds. Through LinkedIn ads, you can review people’s overall profiles, actual work experience, and specific core values, all of which are essential factors to consider when hiring talent.


Alan Stolak,

Alan Stolk - Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are effective for contact targeting and retargeting

LinkedIn Ads have been incredibly effective at re-targeting our database of existing contacts. By uploading the email addresses of past customers and warm leads, LinkedIn finds matches within its own database and allows us to show them retargeted ads. We’ve seen a lot of conversions through LinkedIn, and it’s become one of our strongest marketing tools as we prepare to ditch the use of third-party cookies and look for alternative ways to personalize our messages.

Fernando Lopez, Circuit

LinkedIn Integrated Lead Generation Reduces Online Friction

The way LinkedIn integrates lead generation forms into the platform helps us secure more customers in a frictionless environment. It’s so easy to lose a potential lead when the paperwork to fill out feels more painful in the moment than the one that has to be resolved. People in the fashion industry are angry and indecisive and as a company, we strongly support any platform that helps make annoying work easier to manage or eliminate whenever possible.

LinkedIn Ads Enable More Brand Exposure to Niche Audiences

Yes, and we do it aggressively! We have been running LinkedIn Ads for our clients for over 2 years and have been amazed by the results it provides. Be it targeting options or lead capturing, this platform always wins over other advertising platforms.

One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen when running LinkedIn ads is gaining greater brand exposure among niche audiences (especially decision makers), which ultimately helped us grow our sales funnel with a cross-marketing approach. Of. Compared to other advertising platforms, the MQL score on LinkedIn Ads is always high.

One major advantage of LinkedIn Ads is its audience targeting feature. LinkedIn Ads give us the option to target LinkedIn users who hold specific designations/seniorities/departments/industries etc., i.e., their job title, job functions, seniority level (including C-suite members), company Let’s aim to choose the name of the company. Size, which gives LinkedIn ads an edge over other advertising platforms.

Sangeeta Kumar, Healthcare DMS

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Convinced yet?

If you’re looking for a way to connect with potential customers on a more professional level, LinkedIn advertising is a great option.

With LinkedIn ads, you can target your audience based on job title, company size, or other factors, making it easier to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your offering.

LinkedIn ads can also be highly customized, so you can create ads that really speak to your target audience.

And because LinkedIn is such a popular platform among professionals, you can be sure that your ads will be seen by a large number of people. Overall, LinkedIn advertising is an effective and powerful marketing tool that can help you reach your target market and grow your business.

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