9 phrases about the political world of Mexico with ‘ink and paralysis’ of ‘Monoroz’ – El Financiro

This thursday Financial It was the place for the three most recognized ‘moneros’ in Mexico to discuss freedom of expression, the country’s situation and social networks.

With the moderation of Omar Sepda, Antonio Garca, Cartoonist FinancialA Pico Calderon., Cartoonist Correction, And Trino Kamacho, A Mexican cartoonist and cartoonist, talks about how Monroe sees the world of politics.

We leave you the best phrases:

Antonio Garca

“I think this is a very valuable thing that should not be wasted, and that despite all the differences of all the cartoonists, when we censor any partner, when they put pressure on a partner, when they If we get angry, we can’t get rid of him. Because it is unacceptable.“.

“Suddenly, I see memes with great values ​​as a caricature: there are some who have crazy laughter, they manage to make you laugh in a picture, they get that distance, that shock. That all of a sudden the whole logical sequence, which is a function in a joke, twists it and it surprises you and makes you laugh. It’s a cartoon. “

“There is no longer a drawing test for those who want to enter, they are just asked to be intelligent, intelligent and that has created a funnel for admission to schools of art and design, which you The wave of learning how to copy or draw a cartoonist brilliantly helps you a lot, but. To be a cartoonist, you have to be careful and express your thoughts.. This is the basic thing a cartoonist should have. “

Pico Calderon.

“I think the difference in this government compared to previous governments is that it was not there before. President with such thin skin. And that he goes out every day to insult his critics, and attacks them, and well, whoever takes him, catches him. And believe me, the winner in this war is the cartoonist, because at the end of the six-year term, the president leaves, and the cartoonist will continue to do so.

“The cartoonist’s job is to find the ruler’s nonsense, and make it clear.”

“Talking about caricature is like talking about literature, you can do whatever you want with literature, you can do with poems, novels, essays, stories and so on with caricature, it’s a lot. It can be very scientific, very economical drawing, it can be a monkey and become an extraordinary cartoonist, and you can become the best cartoonist in the world and you can fail as a cartoonist, this is a very broad subject. Is.


Says Lopez Obrador. No president has been criticized like me. When I hear this, I say, where was Fox when he was? It was incredible with Fox, we took down all the cartoonists.

“I don’t really think I’m a political cartoonist, I think I’m going more about rumors. Do you know why I say ‘moneros’? Because Reeves said he was ‘cute’ because I’m going to remove Pico, but I’m going to add Garca, because we make monkeys. Paco Calderón makes cartoons, something unusual. We want to do some kind of photography. But we get little monkeys.That’s why I always call myself ‘Monero’.

“The media is going through difficulties and that’s a different matter. We, the three of us who are here, are part of the cartoonists’ pallothythm. Now that there are social networks and young people have a tool that is great, it should also be very clear that they are their own editors and they are going to put their content, somehow the quality of what you have to do is Yes, first of all, it doesn’t matter if you don’t draw so well, if the idea is good then drawing will somehow give you your stamp.


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