A 13-year-old girl was shot dead at a picnic table

A 13-year-old North Carolina girl was shot dead while driving at a picnic table with friends on Saturday night, a report said.

At least one of the three suspects in the shooting death of Leutiullah in Monroe has been arrested and charged with murder. The WCNC reported, Citing police and the girl’s mother.

“There are a lot of beautiful kids here besides me. Don’t deserve a bullet, none of them have a child, not one,” the victim’s grieving mother, UV Allen, told the news.

The mother said, “Children, they don’t deserve it, they don’t deserve to have their heads up every night and shoot.”

Allah was attacked by a gunman who opened fire from inside a black vehicle which fled the scene after the firing.

One of the suspects, 20-year-old Demontry Robinson, has already been arrested by police.

A photo of 13-year-old Levy Allah from a shooting in Monroe, North Carolina.

Police have issued arrest warrants for two other suspects, Dars Roland and Jamari Cruder. Both are wanted on murder charges.

Monroe Police Chief Brian Gilliard condemned the senseless gun violence.

“This is such a devastating act with far-reaching effects that it was completely denied,” the report said in a statement.

“These people lived innocent lives for no reason and now a family and community have to live with them forever.”


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