A convoy of ‘green trains’ could block Putin’s blockade of Black Sea ports.


Vladimir Putin’s blockade of Black Sea ports will cause millions of people to starve to death as part of a massive rail operation to transport wheat from Ukraine.

As leaders of the G7 group of rich countries (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada) prepare to discuss the food crisis at a summit in Germany, Environment Secretary George Eustace told LBC Radio “It’s a big challenge.

“Ukraine is a major agricultural producer and there are many North African countries that rely on Ukraine in particular to import most of their wheat.

“So, there are two things we’re trying to address in the G7.

“One is that there are currently about 25 million tons of grain, especially wheat, stored in Ukraine since last year’s harvest. They have not been able to get it through the Black Sea because, obviously, this ship There is a treacherous atmosphere for the queen.

He added: “There are a lot of landmines in the area at the moment and Ukraine itself has had to close the port of Odessa for security reasons.

“So, one of the things we’re looking at is whether we can give more help to Ukraine so that they can help bring this stockpile of wheat to the world market by rail.”

“For that we will need to help them fund some of these railroad repairs.”

Ukraine used to supply 10% of the world’s wheat, 17% of the world’s corn and half of the world’s sunflower oil.

The UK has recently been pushing for a “coalition of consent” to open safe transit through the Black Sea to export wheat and other foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports, even using the Royal Navy. Is.

However, it appears that the project has been put on a backburner, which now focuses on transporting food supplies by land, despite food shortages in many countries, especially in developing countries. It is extremely difficult to do so on the scale required to prevent. World

On other issues, Ukraine’s railway gauge is said to be incompatible with other European countries.

It was not immediately clear if Mr Putin would allow a rail operation that could be easily stopped by bombing.

Mr Eustace added that the UK was also arguing that countries should temporarily reduce the amount of corn and wheat used for biofuels, so as to significantly increase the supply available for use as food. Can be extended to

Mr Eustace added: “We have always known that the United States would be more skeptical about this because it invests so much in biofuels. They see it as an important part of their gasoline supply.

“So, it was always going to be more challenging for them to do that but we still think it’s the right thing to do.

“We have come a long way in convincing Americans about this, no doubt about it.”

Mr Eustace added that the UK was also providing technology to ensure that any wheat stolen from Ukraine by Russia did not reach the world market.

Last week, Turkey said it was investigating allegations that Ukraine’s grain was stolen by Russia and shipped to other countries, including Turkey, but the investigation has so far found no stolen goods.

Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

“It looks like Russia is stealing some wheat from these shops,” Mr Eustace told Sky News.

“What the UK government is doing is making available technology that allows us to test the authenticity of wheat. We are working with other countries, including Australia, on this so that we can Ensure that stolen Ukrainian wheat does not find its way to the market.