A family member who refused the vaccine.

Today’s precautionary story. Terry:

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Remember this meme. You may want to scroll back to it in a moment.

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It is impossible to quantify the distance to Green. He is out thereway to Out there. When we talk about her being a Congress woman from Q, even. That Maybe in realizing how far he is.

“Biden’s Beast’s Mark” is so clearly ridiculous and ridiculously stupid that it blew my mind. anyone That said, very few members of Congress.

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Being inspired in the name of Jesus.

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1.) Microsoft, the company founded by Bill Gates, never sold anti-virus software.

2.) Bill Gates does not own any biotech company that sells vaccines.

3.) Once you are infected with the virus, the vaccine is useless (unless the person recovers, and. If They get better)

So how does it make sense, anyway? It is not at all. These people are too stupid for words.

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Candice Owen has a lot of blood on her hands. I can’t imagine being a death dealer in the template of these conservatives.

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Yes, “incorrect information.” These people don’t read these warning labels and think, “Oh shit, did I get it wrong?” No, they see these warning labels as a source of pride. “They are trying to censor us because we know. the truth! ”

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He denied the CDC’s efforts to save him from this fate. In the hospital for more than a month. And he did not die. But it can be even worse:

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Remember that first picture? Here is Exhibit A for the word “irony”. Which of these characters bears the most resemblance?

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Not blonde, that’s for sure.

It is misdiagnosed. The best thing to do is to find a place in a long-term care facility where her quality of life will deteriorate. The worst pain. After one month on the inhaler, his lungs are cut off (oxygen is forced into the lungs, causing long-term damage). Anything below 90 of O2 level in the blood permanently kills the brain cells, so it is not surprising that he is confused and does not understand what has happened. He has a bad mind.

Even if he survives the disease, he will never be able to match his friend’s food pie or anything in his backyard. That person no longer exists, because he was too busy posting funny memes on Facebook and references to Candice Owen.

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