A fight is registered between worshipers of Santa Muerte and San Judas Tadeo

Juarez City.- The religious differences between worshipers of Santa Muerte and adherents of the San Judas Tadeo, caused a fight that ended with significant damage to a house, two vehicles and one of the injured attackers, publicly condemned those affected by these events, with the support of neighbors to sector.

The complainants, who attached graphic evidence of their statement and provided it by other neighbors, claim that they were victims of attacks by a group of people who invaded a home and, in the face of an ineffective investigation of the facts, were the ones who had to flee the city. and abandon his belongings almost destroyed to save his life, attacked along with his children.

“María”, the complainant, said that the events occurred in Calle Del Paraíso 1145 in Infonavit Salvárcar, the first conflict was recorded on October 29 when she held a celebration for the San Judas Tadeo, where there were matachines and later a food at. his house was visited by several neighbors. While this was going on, the family, which he describes as worshipers of Santa Muerte, played loud music at full volume, probably to scare them.

“They just drink and take drugs and we know it will probably be a problem, we had already had problems before, they beat my husband and left him lying in the middle of the street bleeding because they hit him with a hose in the head, we “We filed a lawsuit more than twice. Unfortunately, the laws of Mexico defend the criminal and not the victim. Because they already knew we won the case, they wanted to provoke us to make us look like the villains,” he said.

He said that on the night of the 29th these people came to attack the house and they remained locked up for three hours during which they called the emergency numbers and although the neighbors also made reports when they saw what was happening, no patrol came.

One of the videos she left for this communication medium was recorded by herself while she was hiding inside the truck, the others were captured by the security cameras, both in the house, which they destroyed, as well as those provided by neighbors.

In one of them, a group of at least five men is observed attacking the home with pipes and a woman firing shots with a pistol that fires nails, which can also be a deadly weapon.

According to the neighbors’ description, the attacker’s family is engaged in carpentry and to carry out the attack, they took more people with them.

“They robbed my husband’s truck completely, smashed his tires, smashed his glass, sprayed it with petrol to burn it, luckily the police arrived on time and they could not burn it, when I saw this I went to move my truck to they will not hurt her and when I go on they come again with all the pipes, there were about eight people who came to attack me, they try to open the doors, they try to open the windows and I just pray ”, is described.

He said how he could manage to escape in the truck to ask for support from three units to get to his house, but when they arrived they told him they could not do anything because it was a fight. Her husband, her cousin and her three children were in the house and due to the presence of the police, they managed to leave to get to a safe place.

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