A glimpse into the new servants’ quarters at Newbridge House in Donabet

Newbridge House & Farms has upgraded its Servants Quarters offering this summer to create a more immersive and engaging experience for visitors.

That upgrade comes after a €107,000 investment grant through Fáilte Ireland’s Dublin Surprising Stories Scheme and additional support from Fingal County Council’s Small Projects Grant has finally brought the mansion to life.

Joined by the Mayor of Fingal, Councilor Howard Mahoney, Head of Dublin, Falte Ireland, Liz Halpin and the Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, Annemarie Farelli, along with Cathal Dow Smith, Curator of Newbridge House and Gardens, to officially launch the full update Which will allow to receive guests. The complete “up-and-down” experience of what life was like for those maintaining one of Ireland’s best intact Georgian mansions.

New additions include ambient sound, projected sights and real-life artifacts that will transport visitors back in time to the building’s actual engine room. Along with personal stories about the real servants who lived and worked here, guests will find anecdotal information about their daily lives.

New research, displays and audio-visual installations were developed in collaboration with exhibition designers Bright 3D, Storyline and Thought Different, who worked together to ensure authenticity and experience seamlessly.

CLR. Howard Mahoney, Mayor of Fingal, commented: “Newbridge House and Farm is an important and important landmark, one of Ireland’s best examples of a intact Georgian mansion. I am delighted that this grant will be used to upgrade the Cervantes Quarter. The new visitor experience will enable visitors from far and wide to immerse themselves in the fascinating heritage of the house and I would encourage people to visit the house and its beautiful gardens. I would encourage.

Fáilte Ireland’s Head of Dublin, Liz Halpin, said: “Creating new ways for visitors to enjoy Dublin’s history, heritage and culture will ensure that the attractions of our capital city are a must-visit list for domestic and international visitors. Stay in We know that modern tourists expect an interactive and accessible experience, hence enhanced audio-visual capability and innovative storytelling, such as the project completed at Newbridge House and Farm through our Dublin’s Amazing Stories scheme , will be an important selling point for visitors. years to come.”

Cathal Dowd Smith, Curator of Newbridge House & Farm, said: “We are delighted to be able to expand our offering with this grant from Falte Ireland and Fingal County Council. The servants were the beating heart of large country houses, yet the historiography often neglected them.

We are honored to give a voice to the people who keep Newbridge House running. We have worked closely with museum design experts to ensure that the new update holds together authenticity and feel, and we are really looking forward to sharing it with visitors from home and abroad.

Newbridge House was built in 1747 and is still the residence of the Kobe family. Following a unique arrangement with Fingal County Council, which acquired the property in 1985, that allows the family to maintain a part-time residence and keep the home’s historic collection in situ and on display.

Set on over 360 acres, it is one of the best intact Georgian mansions in Ireland thanks to this arrangement. Today visitor offerings include a working farm, a children’s playground, a cafe, and several seasonal events.

The interiors, from the Red Drawing Room to the Cabinet of the Curiosities, are remarkably complete and best preserved in Ireland and provide insight into three centuries of Irish history. The family archives preserved in the home were a valuable resource in discovering and interpreting the servant’s stories and we are grateful to the Kobe family for their continued support and commitment to Newbridge. ,

Cervants Quarter, and Newbridge House & Farms, are open to the public and guided tours run daily and make up a third of Fingal’s award-winning heritage attractions along with Malahide Castle and the Gardens and Casino Model Railway.

Visitors can experience the beauty and benefits these three sites have to offer with the new annual pass that grants access to all sites for one year, with prices starting at €45 per person (T&Cs apply) .