A man trying to cross from Florida to Bermuda in a ‘bubble’ on the beach

An ultra-marathon runner trying to run from Florida to Bermuda in a bizarre device swam off the coast of Sunshine State on Saturday, a report said.

Raza Balochi – and his so-called bubble – allows him to travel to the top of the water, on the beach in Flagler County. Fox 35 reported.

Balochi is embarking on a daring voyage to raise money for charity and encourage people to follow their dreams.

“I’ll tell people to do whatever you want them to do,” he told the Associated Press. “Don’t listen to anyone. Pursue your dreams

The aim is to raise money for the homeless, the Coast Guard and the police and fire departments, Balochi said.

Endurance Runner has tried similar water voyages in the past.

In 2014, he was Coast Guard rescued Trying to reach Bermuda in a “hydropod” floating home. He was tired at the time.

“I will never give up my dream,” he told Fox 35. They stop me four or five times but I never give up. “


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