A man was caught with cocaine and a gun while riding a go-kart in Florida.

The handgun found near Sanchez's car.
The handgun found near Sanchez’s car.
St. Lucy County Sheriff’s Office.

A man riding a go-kart on the streets of Florida was caught with a gun and a large bag of cocaine in his small ride.

According to the St. Lucy County Sheriff’s Office, 21-year-old Miguel Angel Sanchez was spotted illegally driving a go-kart in Fort Pierce late Monday, triggering a brief chase.

“The game was on when the deputies tried to stop Mr Sanchez.” Said in a charming statement Application of Nintendo’s classic Mario Kart video game series. “Sanchez threw a bag from his racer, tilted some corners and then dug up the cart and ran away on foot.”

The deputies soon surrounded Sanchez and took him into custody. A K-9 policeman found a handgun near his abandoned vehicle and also threw a bag containing more than 15 grams of cocaine, department officials said.

A bag of cocaine found in a bag that Sanchez threw away.
A bag of cocaine found in a bag that Sanchez threw away.
St. Lucy County Sheriff’s Office.

Sanchez was released Wednesday on a 11,750 bond from the St. Lucie County Jail on charges of non-arrest by law enforcement, resistance to non-violent arrest, destruction of evidence and possession of cocaine. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A message from St. Lucie’s representatives asking for additional details about Sanchez’s go-kart was not immediately returned Wednesday. But the department is apparently making fun of the unusual arrests.

Announcing his arrest, a statement said: “Last night, when most people were playing Mario Kart on their Nintendo, 21-year-old Miguel Angel Sanchez decided to take the game to the streets of Fort Pierce. Will. ” “Oh, did we mention that it’s illegal to burn rubbish in a streetcar in a public street?”


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