A national anthem for infantry fuerza al Estado – Meczyki

Director de Mexico Ivalo

With the disability of the state no se juega. If the state cares about God, it will not work like that. The element to make it effective is a simple, but insoluble: easy to make a safe. In the case of democrats, the protection is the application of the principles of protection of derechos and a legal process. Authoritarian regimes apply the state of the art without having to guarantee certain processes. Fuerza bruta, in some cases. On the other hand, it is possible to stabilize the rules of the game: even the democratic state as the authority manages the form of the sea that is creepable. In Mexico we have this capacity. For this one person like the Chueco could ascend, as if he were someone, a couple of Jesuit Jesuits and a tourist guy, the three most wanted people in the community. He came because he gave the gana, because his adnimo state was always looking for a part of baseball. (Approved: mi solidaridad profunda y cariñosa con toda la Comunidad Jesuita).

It is clear that the decisions of the President of the López Obi-Wan in the matter have been equated. This premise, in my opinion, has a lot of content, but I don’t know how to correct it. A sword: 1. That the Violence exists because it was provoked, Calderón le pegó al avispero; 2. The violence has to do with injustice, a process of resentment and exclusion; 3. The criminal world is the only Ordena, but there exists a group of predecessors over the page; 4. لو سول ES کرپٹو and part of the problem, because it is not important to fortify your sin with creating alternatives, like the military, and 5. The clave is tenor a gente honesta a cargo.

In this premise there is a magical component of magic: it is the same, as it is, without the plantary process that leads to the elaboration of a public strategy or politics. And the reality is that we are giving up to disappoint. On the side of the cream is not the only one, not the Guardia Nacional, but the only one to be created by the President, the function. At the moment we realize that we need to coordinate the United Nations, the aunts, that will convey in the politics of the state, and create the conditions for the state of Mexico to have the capacity to do so in front of the cream. A great national hope as we change our electoral life, or transit into distinguished aspects of our institutional development.

Not only this, with the help of the Gobierno of Calderón the planters have been acquired for the security with an infinite number of things that have become obsolete. Fue la aquel memorable planteamiento de Alejandro Martí: “si no pueden, renuncien”. Todavía recuerdo el esfuerzo de algunas organizacion de la sociedad Sol Pira dar seguimiento a aquellos acuerdos, hasta que se desvanecieron. If you take the wind.

The point is that there exists by men a certainty that what might be a great national achievement. The goblins of Peña Nieto, with the cargo of sobriety with which they fell, were destroyed. To be the first to know how to make the best goblins (not like the newcomers who preceded); We appreciate that there are a number of mechanisms under control that have resulted in successes to the goblins that participated in the era before 2000. Ayotzinapa se los mostró. In reality there is no plant to turn to eat the feminist. Tovironn detenida a la Initiativa Mérida por meses, y titubearon frente a las reformas, a la security and la justicia que este país necesitaba. You don’t have a contingent projector, and if you do something very precise, don’t sell it with effectiveness. Because that’s what we’re going through today. Mediocred.

The Gobierno originally gave you the opportunity to create a great conscience in the form of cream content. He, in turn, objected to the Legislature, with its initiative of the creation of the National Guardia. Quizá no lo recordem hoy, but this initiative was approved by conscience. Content elements that may be part of the great achievement that we need: the new constitution of security the stabilization of a plaza for the retrieval of the security of the tires; The Consultative Necessity of Fortification of Civil Institutions … All the securities reformed that regulate the use of fire and control of detention. In retrospect, not bad. In this, the bases for an intimate endeavor.

The problem is that the letter from Ley Muy pronto se desvirtuó. Aquel acuerdo hoy queda un desacuerdo y la inteenón del presidente de convertir en militar lo que nunca fue sol. There is no plant to make the front line fenómeno criminal, the quail not to be creepy because aprovecha la señales de un estado débil, sin proyecto, y de un país dividido. Con estos huecos, el creamn gana.

For this is the first thing that will happen to the subject of an accuser, the theme of a queer campaign. Not to mention that the Mexican state has made the message of the Amenaza creable without a fortuitous project that convinces us all. Ojalá que los mexicanos podamos exigirlo y hacerlo realidad. Nos toca hacerlo.