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California Gov. Newsweek speaks out against California’s memorable election during a rally with Vice President Kamala Harris in San Leandro on Wednesday.Noah Berger / AP

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Just days before voting closes in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom may breathe a sigh of relief: the latest polls suggest he’s ready to easily defeat a Republican-led attempt to recall him. A big change this summer, when Polsters pointed out that the people of California are almost evenly divided on this question.

University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Government Studies. Poll Released on Friday, 60 percent of potential voters opposed recalling Newsom in the September 14 election, compared to only 38 percent in favor of doing so and less than 2 percent who did not mind. Made. Pool, co-sponsor by the Los Angeles Times., Held between August 30 and September 6, and reinforced other recent ones. Elections Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The momentum for change came as the governor’s team spent millions of dollars on political advertising and included former President Barack Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Sensei. He called it a dirty Republican attempt to annul Newsom’s 2018 slide election.

Forty-seven candidates are running for governor. As my colleague Lil Kalish has. ReportedThey are a motley crew, including “a hog farmer, a sheriff, a self-proclaimed ‘Mandlorian warrior’, a landlord, a YouTube influencer, a libertarian rapper, several actors, a university lecturer, a bull Bondsman, a co-host of the January 6 uprising, and Front Runner, a right-wing radio host named “Larry Elder.”

Six weeks ago, a survey by the UC Berkeley Institute suggests there could be a good chance of a fight against the newsroom. 47%. At the time, voters suggested that many Democrats in the state appear to be indifferent to the election, or more indifferent to Republicans.

But since then, Newsome’s campaign has expanded its base, focusing on criticism of the front-runner, Elder, the host of the conservative talk show, a longtime Trump supporter of minimum wage and abortion. Opposes rights and is determined to cancel all masks and vaccines as soon as possible. The Mandate Elder in California also has a record of misunderstandings and racist comments, as my colleague Kalish reported. “Women know less about political issues, economics and current events than men,” she said. Written In 2000. Earlier this year, he. The reason is That George Floyd could have survived if former President Barack Obama had not played the anti-police race card continuously for eight years.

In recent weeks, Newsom has damaged public health outcomes in support of Elder due to opposition to the vaccine mandate. “Look at what is happening in this country. Look at the states that don’t believe in science,” Newsom said at a rally in the San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday. According to Of Los Angeles Times.. This choice is about life and death.

The strategy for the governor seems to be working. “When he was able to focus on one candidate, one opponent, his numbers began to improve,” said Dave Gilliard, a strategist who led the effort to recall Newsom. Times When asked about the latest polls.

Of course, pools can be wrong, or they can change. Opponents of Newsom are more likely to vote in person than its supporters, according to political statistics researchers. Times. But many Californians have mailed in their ballots, especially Democrats, who are about 2 to 1 more than the number of Republicans registered in the state. And Newsom was chosen by a wide margin, About 24 points, Back in 2018

As Republicans appear to be losing momentum in the race, some are sowing the seeds of next week’s newsroom victory as a sham, as Donald Trump did after the 2020 presidential election. “They are deceivers, we know it,” said the elder. Said Promised to sue at a campaign event on Wednesday. In a Newsmax television interview the day before, Trump was just as blunt. “So I predict it’s a rigged election,” he said of the reminder. “Let’s see how it turns out.”

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