A quick 18 with Robbie Fowler: ‘I’m pretty happy with my game but I’d love to play with Tiger’

Robbie Fowler is known as “God” if you are a Liverpool supporter. He was a huge fan, scoring 183 goals in 369 appearances at Anfield. Now that he’s retired, he continues to score on the golf course, winning the celebrity individual title at La Moye Golf Club, most recently at Jersey Legends.

Rich soccer (and golf fans) can see them in action on Irish Legends presented by the McGinley Foundation at the Rosapena Hotel & Golf Resort from August 16-20.

1. How is your golf?

inconsistent. I have good days and bad days. On my day I can play well but it’s just inconsistency that’s the problem. But I guess that’s why we’re amateurs.

2. How did you get started in the game?

I started when I had my knee done years ago. So I used golf to strengthen my knee by moving my knee back and forth in the swing. Originally, I used golf as a rehab tool. I did my cruciate ligament in 1998 and it helped me get back to fitness.

3. Choose your weapon… Driver or Putter? And why?

Oh, I’ve had good and bad days with my putter and my driver, so you know I haven’t got a favorite. It will vary from one day to another.

4. Link or Parkland? And why?

Link all day. I’m a member at Wallacey which is home to Stableford and it’s a really cool track so I play there. I am blessed where I live. There are lots of good link courses. I love Parkland but I absolutely love Link.

5. When were you happiest on the golf course?

I am always happy on the golf course, I love being outside in the fresh air.

6. Who is your sports hero?


Manchester United defender Paul McGrath and Everton striker Graeme Sharpe challenge for a loose ball during the 1985 FA Cup Final. Photo: Bob Martin / AllSport / Getty Images

Some Everton players. I supported Everton when I was a kid, so Graeme Sharpe and Trevor Steven were two players I loved. I obviously play golf with Sharpie these days but I loved him as a player because he was a striker so he was a bit of a hero.

7. Name an opponent or opponent you particularly admire and why.

I am a big fan of Sadio Mane and obviously I admire Mo Salah for what he is doing and his numbers and stats are fantastic. But I really like Mane. He hits a lot of boxes for a brilliant centre-forward. He scores. Okay, he might have been a little inconsistent in the beginning but I love watching him play. I like to see strikers that sweep you off the edge of your seat and Mane fits that bill. I know Liverpool didn’t want to lose him.

8. What is your golfing ambition? do you have one?

I really don’t have many. I think having a hole in one would be what it is. I think everyone wants to do this. I have been close but not close enough. I have the load fine on the computer. does that count? I’m probably like any golfer I want to get better at. But I am happy with the way I play. I know I’m not going to be a professional and I want to be competitive and be competitive. But I am happy as I am. If you gave me a choice between playing hole-in-one and playing from scratch, I’d choose hole-in-one.

9. Name your dream four-ball (they don’t need to be a golfer). and name the place.

I would love to play with Tiger. Obviously it’s Tiger. And you can pick any two Beatles because Tiger is playing. I’ve already played with Alan Hansen and Kenny Dalglish and all those guys and they’re all good golfers. I’ve actually played with John Daly, who was a lovely fellow to be fair. But Tiger, until you actually play golf yourself, you don’t realize how good Tiger was or is. To remain number one in the world for 281 weeks in a row, is an incredible statistic.

10. If you could change anything about the modern game, what would it be?

If a golfer hits a full rasper in the middle and it goes into a divot, he should be able to put his ball.

11. If I could give you a mulligan in your golfing career, what would it be?

No, nothing really. I love it all the time.

12. If you had only one more round to play, where would it be? Don’t say Augusta National unless you absolutely must.

I am a big Kingsburn fan but Augusta is a course I would love to play. I could say St. Andrews but it wouldn’t be my absolute number one. It’s hard to argue with Augusta, everything about it is amazing.

13. What is your favorite para three?

I don’t know, there are so many good ones that I’ve never played Postage Stamp. Maybe I choose 12th in Augusta or 17th in Sawgrass.

14. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? It doesn’t have to be about golf.

Nothing. I am glad that I am.

15. What is your most valuable possession (golfing or otherwise)?

Probably my football medals will be fair. I have worked hard in my career and when you are rewarded by winning trophies it will be hard to lose them. Obviously you have cherished memories but from a career perspective this will not be my first England cap. I had scored 100 goals before I got my first cap, which was insane to be honest. I think it’s definitely my trophies, maybe my FA Cup winner’s medal.

I grew up in the FA Cup, watching players go down Wembley Way, on television. I just wanted to win the FA Cup and I did it.

16. If you could change anything about your golf, what would it be?

Maybe my continuation. I can move around so I know how to play the game but sometimes it’s a bit in and out. To be honest, I am quite happy with my golf. I know I’m not going to get much better and I’m at ease with it. I can take it or leave it.

17. Who is your favorite golfer of all time? Why?

It must be Tiger for the obvious reason that he has excelled at the top level for so long. Even winning the Masters in 2019 after being out for so long was an incredible story.

18. What is your view of complete happiness?

Spending time with family is the obvious answer as my missus will read it. But a little bit of golfing leisure time with the boys is great too. I’m not talking about going on p****. I’m talking about playing proper golf. I’ve passed the stage in life when you love a drink. I’ve done all that. But I love golf now. So a great golf vacation.