A vintage clothing enthusiast has been crowned Hobby Hero in a national competition.


A vintage clothing enthusiast who loves dressing up in 1940s clothing has been crowned Eventbrite’s Hobby Hero in a national competition.

Teresa Fisher, 50, from Stone, Staffordshire, joins her husband Steve, 62, in 1940s “enlightenment” attire and accompanies them on tours of heritage railways and stately homes.

After participating in their first themed event in 2018, the couple became obsessed with vintage dressing, and now the couple attends 20 to 30 events each year.

Teresa Fisher, 50, from Stone, Staffordshire, dresses up as a 1940s ‘promenade’ with her husband Steve, 62, and accompanies them on tours of heritage railways and stately homes. (Teresa Fisher/PA)

Mrs Fisher said: “I can’t believe all the fun I had helped me win the Eventbrite Hobby Hero competition.

“My husband and I attended a heritage railway that was hosting a 1940s event and it was like walking into a real Agatha Christie book.

“Women in fur stoles, red lipstick, flamboyant dresses and victory rolls, and men in stunning suits, wide-leg trousers and hats.

“I literally paid attention to the detail that people showed up and the fun they were having. So we put together an outfit and we never looked back.

Mrs Fisher, who works for the Chartered Institute of Railway Operators, uses a mix of home-made designs and fabrics from second-hand and vintage shops.

She plans to use part of her prize – £2,500 cash and £2,500 Eventbrite expert support and ticket fee credits – to help share her passion by hosting mentoring forums and workshops. To inspire others to complete their outfits.

Mrs Fisher was crowned the winner out of 10 semi-finalists from across the UK. (Teresa Fisher/PA)

Mrs Fisher said: “I spend a lot of time in online vintage shops and second hand places looking for original and authentic clothes.

“It’s a real passion. I like to think I’m a curator of the 1940s by collecting these items.

“The inspiring spectacle of seeing people dressed up in this fantastic fashion makes for great photos and I think it’s really important to look as authentic as possible.

“I always include an item of jewelery from my late grandmother or late mother-in-law, a little nod to my own family history – maybe it’s my destiny.”

The Hobby Hero competition was launched in May to find Britain’s greatest hobbyists and help them share their passion with others.

Mrs Fisher was crowned the winner from a selection of 10 contestants from across the UK, including an acrobat, a hair braider, a litter picker, a power lifter, a ghost hunter, and even an upcycle crafter. which spent three months turning hundreds into crisp packets. An eco-inspired “crisp pack jacket”.

For her outfits, Teresa Fisher uses a mix of homemade designs and fabrics from secondhand and vintage shops. (Teresa Fisher/PA)

Sebastien Boppert of Eventbrite said: “We received hundreds of fantastic entries but Teresa’s entry was very original, had a strong social element, and was just full of the passion and joy that her passion gives her.

“Teresa had some tough competition, but she came out as a true hobby hero.”

The initiative is backed by psychologist Professor Kerry Cooper, a well-being expert who advocates using hobbies to promote mental health.

Professor Cooper said: “Hobbies can boost your wellbeing because whether you’re knitting, running, hula hooping, abseiling or baking, it takes your mind off the stress of the world. They offer a great way to unwind and work, take you away from the screen and let you do something positive, creative and fulfilling.

“Teresa’s passion was truly outstanding and she is a deserving winner.

“After two years of social isolation, it’s nice to see people connecting through everyday and mundane activities that bring them joy and, depending on what you do, physical fitness, memory or improve mood.”