Aaron Bone is still in the Yankees limbo as the manager decides.

The Yankees manager Aaron Bone returned to The Bronx on Friday, when coach Marcus was beating Thames and coach Matt Blake was pitching.

Whether Bone and the coaching staff will return remains in doubt, as the Yankees absorb another early post-season exit.

Bone has expressed a desire to return, but also told The Post last month that he was not too worried about his future.

“I’m not worried about that,” Bonnie said at the time. “Whoever I am will be fine.”

But he has repeatedly said he likes the job. His players also supported him in the wake of the loss of the wild card in Boston.

The Yankees value stability more than ever, which could also play a role in their decision to move beyond Bonn or keep it, perhaps for another year, with a team option for 2023.

This stability has given the Yankees plenty of regular season wins, but not much success after the season.

Aaron Bone left Yankees Stadium on Friday.
Corey Spaken

This season, there was a significant lack of consistency, with a 6-11 start, a 41-41 mark on July 4 and a 13-game winning streak.

The Yankees returned to the playoffs with a place on the final day of the season, but Toronto managed to play in three different “home” stadiums in three states and two countries, and still forced the Yankees into a nearly forced play-in game. What.

While Bonn’s future remains in the air, The Yankees have been with Andrew Heaney.

The left-handed player opted for an independent agency instead of accepting an independent assignment on Friday.

Despite the abuse of the Yankees after a July trade with Angels that cost the Yankees a couple of pitching chances, the organization hoped the 30-year-old Tampa would accept the assignment when he needed to open the roster spot late. ۔ Year of Jonathan Louisega.

Instead, Haney will hit the market with a 1.35 WHIP for the Yankees after reaching 7.32 ERA in 35 ² / نگ innings.


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