Aaron Rodger’s t-shirt gives rise to a surprising vote for the coach

Sure, there may be a list of the hottest NFL coaching candidates to fill future roles next season, but there is also a new ranking for which of the current coaches will cause the temperature to rise. Seriously.

Ahead of Sunday’s outing against the Vikings, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers proud of his attire before the match, a T-shirt with coach Matt LaFleur’s mug with the very important PSA: “Our coach is hotter than yours.”

This special moment created a vote for the ages, “NFL Head Coach Hotness Poll,” who has since taken over Twitter. The methodology, according to a disclaimer at the bottom of the chart, states: “A survey of 316 women who rank how” hot “each NFL head coach is on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the first ten images returned by Google Images.”

Reddit user codeherpa found that Rodger’s initial assessment of LaFleur was correct, as he took the top spot followed by Dolphins coach Brian Flores and rookie Jets coach Rober Saleh. Kliff Kingsbury from Cardinals and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin rounded out the top five.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy and Mike Zimmer from Vikings fell among the bottom five, along with Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team and Panthers Matt Rhule. Denver coach Vic Fangio was ranked last, according to the poll.

Unsurprisingly, there was some disagreement about where some coaches were ranked.

“Dan Campbell should be at least top 7” said one user by Lions coach, who came in at No. 12.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur
Packers coach Matt LaFleur took first place in the “NFL Head Coach Hotness Poll.”
Getty pictures

“Uhhh how is he in the bottom 10 ??” another grabbed by Colts coach Frank Reich, who took 27th place.

Meanwhile, another fan judged where Patriots coach Bill Belichick was ranked compared to Brown’s Kevin Stefanski.

“NFL Coach Hotness Poll: Belichick one click behind Stefanski is unexpected but … watch Andy Reid make moves!” the user added by Chiefs coach.

Jets coach Robert Saleh
The Jets’ rookie head coach, Robert Saleh, also took a top spot.
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As for Packers fans, they seemed to approve of Rodger’s first announcement of LaFleur.

He’s not wrong. Love it “, wrote one earlier on Instagram, while another then declared, “Our coach is literally Ryan Reynolds.”


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