Aborda ‘La Ruta’ theme of feminics in Juárez

El Paso “La Ruta”, an obra that abounds the theme of feminism in Ciudad Juárez and escorted by the passage Isaac Gómez, will be presented to the group Teatro Quetzal, dirigida by Demian Gael Chávez, demian Gael Chavez, est42 Maye 2000 Texas Ave.

Demian Gael Chavez, dramaturgo and director of theatrical 19 August, is a student at the University of Texas (UT) in Austin and carries his career in the arts with his montages at his Dorado High School, in El Paso.

The Ruta, an obra that is located in the city of Chicago in 2018 and fue seguida in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas, will be displayed first and foremost on the frontier.

Acquire his secretary to explore the vidas of various adventures one of the newcomers who are searching for a better future traversing in one of the ‘maquilas’ that are stable in Juárez and this decadal, without embarking on vidas without embarking Epidemiology of feminism, which killed the principle of millennia.

The event at the event of the obra ‘La Ruta’ will be presented in English with music in Spanish, informing the organizers of the obra of the obra.

“For the fabricated properties of Estadounidense in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico,” La Ruta “is just an autobiography.

Gómez tries to write the obra during his studies at the theater of the theater at the University of Texas at Austin. On learning about the despecidas of Juárez, go to the frontier city to enter into the affairs of the women for the femininity, and live in obra and people of equal interest.

Inspired by the testimonials reals “La Ruta” is a discovery visceral secret entered into the desirato and a celebration of the Mexican women who resisted the apocalypse, aggravated.

Whose Esta Puesta El Teatro Quetzal regenerated to the scene this junior with a new production that will surely have a reflection on the audience about the successful transactions registered in the city of Juárez.

The story is told in the Ruta de Isaac Gómez es inmediata, and it is centered on the new cuyas vidas fueron alteradas, incluso destrozadas, por los continuos feminicidios.

Even though there is a lot of decadence, the luchas, the mids and the hopes of these ladies, there are many lives and mediums that the number of desperation continents constantly amassing the day.

Approach the escarpment of these women and their luchas in an obra parece a tarea abrumadora en sis misma, but quitar the escenario, the accessory of illumination and escenario and the obstacles to counteract this history.

Aquí es donde el equipo creativo de La Ruta se encounter a metad del verano; Aqua es donde comenzó su viaje de innovation, experimentacón y reinvención de la obra a cargo del escritor y Director de Teatro Quetzal, Demian Gael Chavez.

The promoters die to know that everyone will be given to the organization Juarense Compañeros, which will prove to be the best source of services and security for the vulnerable women in Ciudad Juárez.

They were told by Damian Chavez, and acted by Alana Gonzalez, Lydia Sánchez-Borrego, Elma García, Mia Cordero, and Tania Casas.

The cost of the ball will be 10 dollars per person and the people interested in assisting you can contact at (915) 329 – 1291 to find out his entries. The presentation of the program is scheduled to start at 17:00 hours on the 24th and 25th of June.

Tom Note:

incident: Lecture on the topic of the theater “LA RUTA”, written by Isaac Gómez.

Present: The group “Teatro Quetzal”, directed by Damian Gael Chavez.

Dand: Cafe Mayapan (2000 Texas Avenue). El Paso, Texas

Condo: 24 years 25 de Junio

Intrada: ڈالر 10 (Toda la taquilla será donada a “Compañeros”: organizing juarense que provee recursos y serud de salud y seguridad para majeres vulnerables en Ciudad Juárez).