About 8,000 cases of violence against women in Coahuila, El Siglo de Torreón

The Attorney General of the State of Coahuila (FGE) reported that so far this year, about eight thousand cases of violence against women have been registered in Coahuila, while eight thousand restraining orders have been extended.

Chancellor of Justice Gerardo Márquez reminded that it is in the Justice and Empowerment Centers where the criminal investigation units are located, which takes knowledge of the cases and determines the type of violence that is used in the complaints that the victims submit.

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When it comes to psychological violence, specialized opinions are required. We have a group of psychologists on this issue, in addition to those who are hired by women’s law centers, he emphasized.

He stressed that when it comes to violence against women, there are about 8,000 cases in Coahuila, of all kinds, physical, economic, sexual or psychological.

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He reminded that this year there are 18 murders of women in the state, of which three of the cases have been prosecuted, while in 2020 there were 23 incidents.

He emphasized that the regions with the highest prevalence are in the municipalities with the largest population, which are located in Laguna, the South and Center region.

He added that due to the above, about eight thousand protection measures have been issued so far this year, which corresponds to almost 90% of complaints.

He stressed that there are few sentences, because these crimes allow alternative outputs.

“The new criminal justice system is designed to privilege alternative withdrawals rather than a conviction or acquittal, where in many cases there are compensation agreements,” he said.


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