Acarician el viento con sus voces


Acarician el viento con sus voces

Three UTEP students studying at the opera conventions in parks

De la Redacción / Meczyki de El Paso

One of the features of Opera UTEP plane perfects its vocal technique and operates the valves of its production during its “investigation” from the veneer that includes free conciences in El Paso. The cantants of the University of Texas at El Paso –Abner Astudillo, Jessica Broaddus and Ana Lucía García – come together with artist resident resident of El Paso Opera (EPO) during a 40-minute series of spectacles.

EPO comes up with #CurbsideOpera in 2020 during the pandemic to give its contents the opportunity to actually anticipate socially distant places in the air.

These improvisations act as an excuse and camaraderie to a cognate agobiada by the corona virus. In his second year, the program incorporated the artist EPO of UTEP.

García, a student of the terrifying musical educator, said that she always liked acting and #CurbsideOpera gave her the opportunity to share her passion with people more than her competitors and professors.

“Love (music) to the gente is that which is absolutely disgusting to act”, said García.

For the spectacle of the 14th junior at Mission Hills Park in El Paso, García interprets “Batti, batti, o bel Masetto” of the opera “Don Giovanni” and “Part of Your World” of “The Little Mermaid” Disney

The artists of this place, who were able to create a portable portal, cantron selections in francs, English, Spanish and Italian complements with a complimentary piano. Approximately 30 people assisted in the inspection and their reaction was likely to be “bravi tutti” or “bien hecho, todos”.

Cherry Duke, Voice Instructor and Director of Opera UTEP, was among the audience that helped. That is why it is important that UTEP particles in this type of activity because it promotes the music program of the university, perfecting the benefits of the students, fortifying the association with EPO and expanding the community.

Duke obtuvo de la Initiative de Participaci Comn Comunitaria de la Facultad de Artes Liberales para pagar al trío de cantantes por su participación, que también incluye trabajo como asistentes de producción para la producción de elodo de elpod.

“This is a wonderful experience to teach our students,” said the Duke ante from the Concerto of Mission Hills. “Tenderen interaciones cercanas con artistas profesionale en papeles protagónicos.

Duke is one of the few students who obeys his questions because of his professionalism and intuition, as well as his talent as his content and interpretations. For those who like the young EPO artists who are interested in producing, conceiving music and great events like educators professional musicians will graduate.

“This type of community projects is very important,” said Diok. “Ayudarán to convert to the students in masters completely formed”.

The audience was established by Dr. Steve Wilson, DMA, Professor and Director of the Department of Music. Elogió el evento comro otro ejemplo de los esfuerzos de UTEP en la participación de la communiadd y señaló cómo beneficia a los student artistas. Given that these activities offer great experiences of the real world. Enseña a los students cómo actuar fuera de una sala de conciertos y les ayuda a desarrollar su nivel de comodidad como artistas public.

“Every time we can act on the front, it’s a victory,” said Wilson.

Astudillo, a second student in musical education in Ascension, califies the #CurbsideOpera as an experiential memory. The resident of Canutillo said that he invokes the coral in the escort secularia and makes a special papell en in the production of TEpera UTEP de primavera 2022 of “Luisa Fernanda”.

“I like this ambiance,” said Astudillo about the opportunity to interact with the audience. “I can act and share my voice and my talent. It’s different.”

Mariana Sandoval, especially from the EPO and the artist’s residency, said that #CurbsideOpera ayuda a los artistas jóvenes a crecer como artistas y brinda al publico de el paso un mejo sentido de la opera y del talent talent.

Sandoval, who obeys his Masters in Music with concentration in the interpretation of UTEP in 2021, says that “Frida” of EPO exposes the students of UTEP to all aspects of the presentation of a beautiful presentation.

“This is a very grateful experience to see the work in the equipment that you need to keep an opera”, said Sandoval.

See to get more information about the latest #CurbsideOpera events.