Accepts derrota cisneros against Henry Cuellar in Texas primaries – Meczyki


With more than 300 votes of difference, the congressman joined one of the most popular candidates and a group of “Progressives” with the New York Party, which has since split between the Democrats and the Republicans.

For the sake of a communication, Jessica reconciled her habitation to the carrier through her mouth and when there was a constant request from her in two occasions.

“The result is that the TX28 is not what we want it to be,” he said. Presidenia bien no recibieron de Biden los nombramientos que esperaban, como los senadas Elizabeth Warren de Massachusetts quien no fue elegida vipresidente como lo fue Kamala Harris y Bernie Sanders de Vermont, as como la Alexandra-Como.

Advanced, friendly, all about your personal, volunteer and organization that involves your campaign, or aquilas that help as family and friends for two consecutive occasions. The support of the Northeastern group that is known as “Progressive” is absolutely criticized in the 28th District, because it precisely in Washington and the Republics there do not recognize the specialization of the frontline specialties of the front. La Region

“In the autocracy of the ‘Progressives’ you will be able to demonstrate that democracy, without importing from the sea”, is thought to have converted it into a good Congress Democrat. “This group only accepts a standard: Voters always believe in demos. They treat the ‘purifiers’ as the democrats and do not accept the diversity,” said Henry Cuellar, expressing respect and concern for the MSNBC channel.

The more you benefit, the more the movement will create separation in the future. And that’s why, without a doubt, indirectly part of the Republican or that the removal of congressmen and politicians from the empire experience and that those considerations have a lot to do with the power, we feel that the results of the citadel los de hangodos logrados a lo largo de su gestión.

Who is Esta Victoria, Cuellar seeks to rehearse her decimals, and is the only demon that holds a postura antiborto, that he who has been in a state of desperation with important personalities at a moment in a while that we have a lot of information The resolution that the Supreme Court should give the solver in the same seasons, from which they know that the juvenile conservatories are preparing to revoke the federal laws that protect the fetus.

Cuellar cuenta con el respaldo de demócratas fuertemente establecidos como la Presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes, Nancy Pelosi y el líder de la Mayor de Cámara, Steny Hoyer.

On the web of Webb, and on the side of Texas, except San Antonio, obeyed the help of the 80’s because of the democrats.

Some may have seen the carrier enter the cicadas as an indicator of the actual demonstration of the lead, or that the vieja guardia maintains its control over it, which gives it an impeccable implication. Escaño en el congresso, situacón que preocupa a lideres y grupos hispanos.