Adam Cole commented on getting mainstream attention on AEW after being out.

This is how AEW All Out 2021 told the world of wrestling. Adam Cole And Brian Danielson. Made his first film, and CM Punk He returned to the ring. Large outlets such as ESPN cover pay per view.

AEW was collecting in the light of mainstream attention, Adam Cole was asked. Open radio The former NXT champion gave a personal account of his views to explain this point.

“I can talk about it personally, which is pretty crazy, so I know a lot of people behind me know I have a Twitch channel. I’ve had one for a long time and I’ve The streaming ended the day after the All Out debut and it was the most crazy number, like I usually have the quadruple. Gets, even in a Twitch environment.

Adam Cole believes AEW is helping them.

The interviewer noted that AEW tried to get mainstream attention using big names like Mike Tyson and Shakeel O’Neill, but it never steadily increased its ranking.

Adam Cole said that AEW is only presenting great shows, which will ultimately help to get mainstream attention.

“Like you said, ESPN and all these other outlets, just running their own show to reach AEW, I’ve seen first hand other than the company, rather than watching it too much. It’s very interesting to be a part of it Yes, “said Adam Cole.

Elm and Jurassic Express (Ed Cole will face Elite Hunter Frankie Kazerin on LV Dynamite on Wednesday after a feud erupted between W / Christian Cage, Brian Danielson, and Frankie Kazerin over the last Dynamite episode).

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