Adam Cole reflects on his time in WWE.

for a long time, Adam Cole WWE was the face of ENXT and is probably one of the biggest superstars in black and gold. The former NXT champion had nothing but positive things about the WWE and the Hall of Famers, Triple H, and. Sean Michaels.

While talking Open radioAdam Cole said his dream was to work at WWE, and he had “amazing experiences” there. He was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to work with Sean Michaels and Triple H.

“I’m very grateful for those four years. Once again, when I was nine, my dream was to work for the WWE, and I had to do it for four years. I had a lot of amazing experiences. Yes, you know, I had to work with Sean Michaels for four years, and had an amazing relationship with him, I mean, it was one of the absolute highlights of my time. It was exciting, the locker room was great, the fans were great. I learned a lot there, and I had a lot of cool experiences. “I had a really good time, and I didn’t change it for the world,” said Adam Cole.

Adam Cole had a great career in the WWE.

Adam Cole won all three titles at NXT, making him the second triple crown winner in the brand’s history.

While Panama City Playboy was the North American champion, his race with the NXT title made him the face of the brand. It currently holds the record for the longest title reign with a top prize on a black and gold brand. In 2018, he won the Dusty Roads Tag Team Classic with his longtime friend Kyle O’Reilly.

Adam Cole led the undisputed era, the most dominant group in NXT history and won seven awards at the end of the WWE year. He will leave a huge gap in the WWE, but AEW has a gem in its hands.

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