Add these tight ends as fantasy football sleepers.

If we can learn anything from Robert Woods’ 12-catch, 150-yard performance on Thursday night, he must be patient. Looking at your top picks makes you struggle. Fantasy football Teams can be one of the most frustrating things, especially when it comes to having more than one player on your roster.

Woods was one of the big culprits, but he was far from alone as both DK Metcalfe and Tyrick Hill played recent big games to please their bosses. But when you want every slow starter to come back, so waiting for Alan Robinson and Melis Sanders to wake up will probably help ease your pain and increase your weekly score.

Imaginary football.
Ricky Sales Jones.
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It’s not uncommon for you to stumble upon a strong, yet under-the-radar player that is expected to see huge volumes, but that’s what Washington’s Ricky Sales Jones could replace the injured Logan Thomas. You can even count on the fact that they will see 100% snap and an average of five targets per game, as Thomas saw before the injury.

With role players such as Curtis Samuel and Dami Brown in nursing injuries and potential rain in the forecast, which could reduce the passing attack, Sales Jones Terry McLaren, Washington desperately needs it.

If you don’t let Urban Mayer’s madness affect how you view the Jaguars this weekend, the new acquisition could be your hard-hitting end in Dan Arnold’s shiny coach. Injury to DJ Chark Jr. has allowed Lewska Schnault Jr. to take on the role of outside receiver, which, in turn, frees him from the slot as well as hard end targets.

Gadget players like Tune Austin or Jamal Agno will not move coverage or position on these short routes, but you put a big, wide body, 6 feet 6, 240 pounds Arnold in the middle. Field, and you find some serious similarities in coverage. He could also be the target of a strong red zone against this soft Tennessee secondary.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you wait for your advanced talent to arrive, but finding some of these deep dives to help boost your weekly scoring can soften the blow and You might even steal a couple of wins. Last week, thanks to Dawson Knox, Dalton Schultz and Mo Aley Cox, we saw a significant increase in tough final scoring. If you can get a part of this week with a small discount claim, you may be a touchdown dancer at the end.

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