Advantages and disadvantages of social networks in the profession of ‘moneros’ – El Financiero

as opposed to a. Ma’am, A well-thought-out cardboard can leave its ‘stamp’ on digital platforms, Cartoonist Trino

On EF Met Point, the political world seen by Mono He pointed out that young people who want to make their way to drawing have a powerful tool: Social Network.

“Now there are social networks and young people have a tool that is great. They should also make it clear that they have their own editors and they are going to put up their own content.

He added that it was not a matter of pulling well, but of “getting a good idea” that could be copied and go viral.

Trino said it’s like memes, which has another advantage: Instant. However, they do not end because their ‘life span’ is short.

“It’s a bit like memes, memes have something that’s urgent. If there’s an important political event going on now when we’re talking, when we’re done, there’ll be memes,” he stressed.

From Antonio Garca, on the other hand. Financial, Noted that the cartoon is undergoing change thanks to the Internet.

In that sense, he said, trade has grown exponentially. Animation, Continuity, Vignettes, GIF and other formats.

“If kids want to get into traditional media, they have a big fight, like the press industry is facing, but they have what Trino has to say about the internet, and a lot has changed. “Caricatures are made,” he pointed out.


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