Aeroméxico still does not see fuel savings … in airspace redesign – El Financiero

Although the government promised that the redesign of Mexican airspace, launched on March 25, would allow airlines reduce fuel consumption, Aeromexico, one of the largest companies flying at Mexico City Airport, you have not seen the savings.

“No, we have not seen it either (the reduction in fuel consumption). In particular, we have not seen any difference with pre-pandemic figures because it is important to consider it, to compare “apples with apples”, says Juan Carlos Curzio, head of aviation safety at Grupo Aeroméxico.

Aviation fuel is one of the biggest costs for the operation of an airline and in Mexico, this effort represents about 30 percent of the airlines’ expenses. Curzio assured that Aeroméxico, at the beginning of the redevelopment implementation, experienced an increase in aviation fuel consumption, but this is not only related to the new approach and departure runways, but also to the meteorological conditions that the city of Mexico since March.

However, missed approaches, ie when aircraft interrupt or delay their landing, increased with the redesign of the airspace. “

Yes, at the beginning of the implementation of the new procedures we had a large number of failed approaches in different combinations, unstable approaches, Curzio said at a press conference where the XIII aviation safety meeting organized by the College of Airmen Pilots Mexico.

Given the reports of landings with major complications, Aeromexico collected them, through its safety reporting system, and improved the procedures for final approaches to AICM, with which they already have a number of these incidents similar to those reported before the redesign.

Regarding the “noise footprint” produced when the aircraft flies over populated areas, Curzio said that it is not the case that there is more noise or, even less, what happened, thanks to the redesign, is that places where the aircraft did not pass. do and the residents perceive that noise.

At the same time, the president of the CPAM, Heriberto Salazar, specified that it is not known if there is more noise or if the noise affects the population because the government has not carried out the necessary studies to avoid damage or reduce the impact it may have.


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