AEW News: Jim Carnet wants WWE or AEW to sign Roman Reigns cousin Jacob Fattou.

Jim Carnet recently came up with the idea. Roman Empire‘Cousin, Jacob Fatou, inside AEW Or WWE.

Speaking of your podcast, Jim Carnet’s experienceThe wrestling legend shared his thoughts on the recently concluded match between Fatwa and Alexander Hammerstone at the MLW Fightland event.

After watching their performances, Carnett believes that if Fatu wrestles under WWE or AEW where production value is at its peak, fans will be behind him within six weeks:

Jim Carnett said, “If you put Jacob Fattoo with WWE programming or AEW programming or any program with any people in any production value and you break it in six weeks or more. So people are willing to buy whatever they do. “

Inwa ‘, in the family

For those who come from Jacob Fatwa Maroof. Anoa’I family, Which has produced megastars in the pro wrestling industry for decades.

The Rock, Roman Ranges, The Yves (Jimmy and Jay) all come from the same family. Legendary stars and their ancestors like Rocky Johnson, Rakshi, Afa and Sika are among the people who founded them.

Given the family’s connections and its impact on the business, the upcoming Jacob Futu could potentially get a call from a major wrestling promotion, whether it’s WWE or AEW.

Alexander Hammerstone reminded Jim Carnet of Lex Lugar.

Alexander Hammerstone, who removed Jacob Fatou for the MLW World Championships last week, spoke to former wrestlers, including Jim Cornet.

Carnett described Hammerstone as a modern-day Lex Lugar, comparing him to how the former WCW star has more personality.

“He’s a modern Lex Lugar, and that probably doesn’t sound like a compliment, but the reason is that, as we mentioned, Lex finally got it, with the Steamboat matches in 1989-90. If you had that Lex Lugar today he would look like this size and work like this, he would be a megastar. It was just a field. Because he wasn’t that painful in being himself and doing what he was doing, “added Jim Carnett.

Mr Cornet added that the Hammer Stone-Fato match was a perfect picture in a dilapidated frame.

Would you like to see Jacob Fattou sign with AEW or WWE? Turn off the sound in the comments section below.

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