AEW’s Tony Khan has broken his ribs with the run of Junior Dos Santos.

Tony Khan’s first physical rematch in All Elite Wrestling left him with a real injury at the hands of the former UFC heavyweight champion.

For his “Grand Slam” show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in September, the AEW president took to the stage to punish members of the US top team – one of the best camps at the MMA, which currently has some work to do with its promotion. Doing – For this week’s “AEW Rampage” at the end of the shoot.

After the match with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, George Muswidel, Jr. Dos Santos, Page Van Zant and others attacked Chris Jericho and Jack Hager, for whom Dan Lambert, the founder of the American top team, has become an on-screen face.

Khan, who usually stays away from action, confronted MMA fighters returning to the backstage area after the story’s attack – and landed his feet through a 6-foot-4, 238-pound Dos Santos gone. Khan got one or two broken ribs in exchange.

“He broke them,” Khan told The Post. “I’ll be fine.” But it broke them legally. I will be fine It’s been a few weeks, but I’m sleeping on my right side.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Dos Santos broke the ribs of AEW president Tony Khan during an angle last month.
AEW, Joseph Stasovsky.

Khan said the talks were not planned and were just a kind of wind. He was also shouting at the militants that they needed to get out quickly as the show was under curfew during the midnight curfew in Asha.

“It felt right in my mother,” Khan said. It was just a kind of correction. He is a very strong man. I like panting pop. “

Returning to his chair to finish the show’s production, Khan did not tell anyone about his injuries, saying he “did not sell” because he did not want the doctor to get him out of the chair. He made it clear that Dos Santos did nothing wrong, calling the interaction a great moment.

“I was definitely asking for it,” Khan said.

In the first match of Dos Santos, he will see the team with Sky and Page on “strike” against Erichu, Hager and TNT champion Sammy Guevara. Messidel Dos Santos will be in the corner of the team. For Khan, having these big-name MMA stars in AEW programming is a big deal for his company. He “absolutely” thinks there are opportunities for more members of the US top team to step into the ring.

“We’ve built something very strong now with the US top team and AEW,” Khan said. We have had great media opportunities because of Dos Santos and Musevidal and Page van Zent, ​​Andrei Arolovsky. It has been well-received by AEW and Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page.

Khan’s conversation with Don Santos showed him how reliable he is.

“I’m fine. I’m not stupid, but he broke my ribs.” So he’s definitely going to be a handful in color. I can tell you. “


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