Africa is the only country with deaths, but no vaccines – Meczyki

África aún no tiene una sola dosi de la vacuna contra la ruela del simio despite que es el único continent que tiene muertes documentedas por la enfermedad que recently se declarada una emergency mundial, announced su agency de salud pública el jueves.

“Let’s take vaccines to the continent”, said the interim director of the African Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases, Ahmed Ogwell, in a weekly news conference. He described a situation in which the African continent of 1,300,000,000 people is again lagging behind in access to doses in an uncomfortable environment due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Less than a week ago, the World Health Organization declared that monkeypox was an “extraordinary” situation that qualified as a global health emergency.

Hasta la fecha, se han notificado More than 20 million cases in 77 countries. More than 2,100 cases of monkeypox have been registered in 11 African countries and 75 people have died, said the director of the African CDC.

Although the monkey pox has been established in parts of Central and Western Africa for decades, it was not known that it would cause large outbreaks beyond the continent or that it would propagate widely among people until it was detected by authorities in Europe. doscos, décos, décos, décos América del Norte y otros lugares.

Ahora ha comenzado mundial race para obtener las doses de la vaccine contra la ruela del simio. The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, has ensured the purchase of 160 thousand doses of vaccines for the disease. El miércoles, los regulatores de salud de EU dijeron que casi 800 mil dosis de la vacuna contra la viruela del mono pronto estarán disponibles para su distribution después de lo que describeron como semanas de retrasos.

These retreats are much more pronounced in the African continent, where the painful illness has been endemic in some countries during the years.

Ogwell said that the CDC of Africa has committed itself to international partners in their efforts to obtain vaccines, and even though they are expecting “good news” in the next few days, “no podemos darle” un.

Even doses of the smallpox vaccine, which has demonstrated its effectiveness against smallpox, are not available in Africa, Ogwell said.

“Las Soluciones deben ser de naturaleza global”, he said, en una advertencia a la comunidad internacional. “Si no estamos seguros, el resto del mundo no está seguro”.

The pandemic of Covid-19 and the worldwide hoarding of vaccine doses were a shock to African leaders, who quickly united in an unprecedented effort to obtain doses and establish vaccines in production.

Now, for your consternation, the outbreak of smallpox shows again how the richest countries in the world are rushing to protect their people first.

The WHO has said that it is creating a vaccine exchange mechanism for protection against monkeypox, but the organization has published few details, so there is no guarantee that African countries will have priority. No country has agreed to share any vaccines with the WHO.

The officials of the OMS have emphasized that monkeypox can infect anyone who is in close contact with a patient or with contaminated clothes or sheets. The researches todava están explorando cómo se propaga, pero creen que es principamente través del contacto cercano de piel con piel y través del contacto con la ropa cama y la ropa que cócó la eruption o los de flunaidas fluidosaida.

In Africa, monkeypox is mainly transmitted to people through infected wild animals, such as rodents, in limited outbreaks that, in general, do not cross borders. sin embargo, in Europe, North America and other places, monkeypox is being propagated among people who have no ties to animals and have recently traveled to Africa.

En los EE. In Europe, the majority of infections have occurred in men who have sex with men, although health officials have emphasized that everyone can contract the virus.