After a series of scandals, he met the police in special measures.


The Metropolitan Police has been placed on special alert following several scandals.

The HM Inspectorate of Police announced that it had decided to keep the force under “additional scrutiny and assistance” following incidents involving the murder of Sarah Awards by a serving officer and the search for a schoolgirl’s strip in Hackney. Was criticized.

In a statement, the HM Inspectorate of Police said: “We can confirm that we are now overseeing the Met Police Service through its engagement process which will provide additional testing and assistance to help improve it. Provides. “

Asked if that meant special measures, a spokesman said: “Yes.”

In a statement, the force said it acknowledged the “overall impact of events and issues” it was dealing with.

A spokesman for Matt said: “We understand the impact this has had on communities and we share their frustration.

“We are committed to becoming a police service that Londoners can be proud of. We are talking to the inspector about the next steps.”

It comes as the government continues to search for a new commissioner for the force following the departure of Dam Cressida Dick, when Mayor Sadiq Khan said he did not trust him.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick leaves Scotland Yard (Yui Mok / PA)

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Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “I expect the police to get the basics right. It is clear that the Metropolitan Police Service falls short of the expectations which is why I support the action that HMICFRS took today Raised to highlight failures – and I expect Matt and the Mayor of London to take immediate action to address them.

“The recruitment of a new commissioner is in full swing and I have made it clear that the successful candidate must continue to improve the Metropolitan Police Service in order to restore public confidence in London and across the country.

“The new commissioner will need to meet the people’s priorities for the police – to make our roads safer, to control crime and bring more criminals to justice, while recruiting thousands of new officers to protect local communities.” Continue.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he “welcomes the additional scrutiny and support that will now take these steps”.

He said: “A series of horrific scandals have not only exposed deep cultural issues but also damaged the confidence of Londoners in the capital’s police service.

“The decision by HMIC to move Matt to special measures now shows significant failures in the performance of the force.

“As I have been saying for some time, Londoners deserve better. That’s why we should see nothing less than a new agreement between the police and the public in London now. That means root and branch reform and mat. Systemic change in performance and culture.

“This will be an important first step for the next commissioner to begin rebuilding trust and credibility with our communities. I will be responsible for what all our communities deserve.

The scandals that have rocked Matt in recent years include the exchange of racist writings by members of the Cheering Cross police station and the imprisonment of two officers who shared photos of two sisters, Biba Henry and Nicole Smallman. Confessed, when he was found murdered. Wembley Park.

The women were handcuffed to the ground and taken away by officers, and a fire broke out to oversee her policing after Ms Everard was killed.

Police have arrested a woman under the supervision of Sarah Award.

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A report from each Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services concluded that police “acted properly” in dealing with the incident, but also found that it was a “disruption of public relations” and the force’s Some of the statements made by members have been described as “tones”. Deaf “.

The announcement of the new commissioner’s role states that “significant and lasting improvements” are needed to “restore public confidence and legitimacy in Britain’s largest police force.”

He added: “This will require inspiring leadership to provide a significantly more professional police force, which is itself a better reflection of London’s diversity.”