After the hearing, they take action against the state.

Juarez CityAfter a lengthy hearing, which lasted more than 13 hours, a controlling judge decided to prosecute nine State Security Commission (CES) agents for theft and abuse of power.

The officers are Francisco Javier HL Jose Luis CC Jose SL Jose Antonio RG Julian Antonio GA Manuel GC Ricardo GC Cristabel Isaac AV, and Luis Alfredo A, who were re-arrested last Friday night when he was arrested. And after the trial, he left the State Center for Social Rehabilitation (CERSO) No. 3, where he was charged with abuse of power, robbery and other offenses. .

On their way out of prison last Friday, state agents were recaptured by agents from the State Attorney General’s Office’s Operational Orders Group, which damaged the juices of robbery and abuse of power on August 26, 2021. According to an employee of the State Judicial Branch, Antonio QS and Heidi Francia Chaudhry are a teenager.

Defendants’ attorneys, former Home Affairs Prosecutor Erica Judith Detective Carrasco, managed to get regular signature (every 15 days) precautions for their clients, with which defendants could be free but not. There is no contact with the victims or with the terms of departure, do not leave the city or country and pay attention to any call of the judge.

In June 2020, nine police officers were arrested and in January 2020 charged with robbery and abuse of power, which was damaging to a teenager and his uncle, Jose Angel Megana Monge, who was sentenced to two months in prison. He was later killed. March 22, in a section of Peripheral Camino Real.

However, last Friday Judge Antonio Cos Arajo acquitted him of the case and after he left, he was informed of the new warrant.

The next hearing is set for Thursday, October 14, at 10:30 a.m.

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