Aging is a “treatable disease,” scientists say, and that’s the key.

Is aging inevitable? Geneticist David Sinclair says no, and that, for a delay. old age In the body, the first step is to contact it. Disease Which can be treated.

Sinclair’s work has won him dozens of awards, and Time Magazine has named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. What does that say about it? “Disease“Old age?

Scientists say there is no biological law that dictates that the body must pass through. old age And that, although work is being done to slow down the process and reverse it, making some changes in life now helps a lot against it. “Disease“.

Aging is a disease for which there is a possible cure: geneticist.

He pointed out that there are things that scientists have discovered by observing people who live longer. As he pointed out to the BBC, eating fewer calories, considering the Mediterranean diet and exercising are good keys.

“And there are some who think it’s helpful to change body temperature with ice and cold water.”

David Sinclair.

Why? Because the body’s natural defenses against disease and aging will be activated. “Feeling hot or cold, feeling hungry and shortness of breath are ways to activate these defenses.”

Preventing old age does not last forever.

Excluding aging as a condition means doctors are reluctant to prescribe medication “which could potentially give people many years of healthy life,” he said.

Of course, he made it clear that the purpose of the research in his case was not to live forever (not to be confused with immortality to prevent aging of the body) but to achieve a long and healthy life.



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