Alabama’s councilor refers to a black partner with racial slurs

Of course, Bryant, like many other conservatives, refused to acknowledge or apologize for his actions. Instead, she defended the town’s mayor, Woman Newton, accusing her of using racist rhetoric before, using the term to describe Freeman, claiming that she only used it. Repeated to expand its use. “I heard a comment from (unclear) where someone made that comment. And I thought it was appropriate to go ahead and bring it to light,” Bryant said in an interview with NBC News. WVTM13. “The mayor called Veronica Freeman a stupid HN. She doesn’t have to use the term in front of everyone, and I thought the city should know what kind of term the mayor uses.”

Bryant continued to defend his actions by claiming to use his term, and Newton was different, so it was appropriate to correct him. “He said it in a sarcastic way, I said it to let people know what the mayor said,” Bryant said. When the mayor said this, Veronica Freeman was being insulted.

Newton is the town’s first black mayor, and he says tensions between him and Bryant continue ahead of comments on the July 19 City Council meeting. Daily animals. The outlet reported that the town of Trent was facing permanent ethnic issues, with a small group of mostly white residents opposing Newton. Bryant has reportedly encouraged this hostility, including attempts to provoke Newton, including an incident Bryant admitted that he called Newton a “little boy” to provoke him. “I was trying to see if he would follow me,” Bryant said of the incident. “They [Newton] He is a dictator. “It simply came to our notice then Adolf Hitler.The incident came after Newton spoke of a shortage of black officers in the city.

Newton said that in connection with Bryant’s actions That “video speaks for itself.” He did not respond to Bryant’s allegations that he used the word N toward Freeman.

In addition to using the word n, Bryant also erred in saying that Muslims are forced to kill non-believers through their religion. His racist remarks and behavior have prompted many to resign.

“We were shocked. No one was spared, because we were really shocked by what he said, “said Vanette Bonham, a Trent resident. CBS 42“I was like a man who is serving our societies. Like, this can be considered our representation, does he have his own district in Trentari? No,” Bonham added. “I think he should resign because he was easy to stand in front of a group of people of color and use the word.”

Alabama Democratic Party Demanded Bryant’s resignation And he said Bryant was “racistly incapable of serving.” Wade Perry, the party’s executive director, said: “There’s still a long way to go in the Alabama race, but working with KK and using the word N should disqualify you for service. ”

Bryant’s actions are being condemned beyond party lines, with both Democrats and Republicans issuing statements condemning his remarks.

Alabama Republican Councilor Tommy Bryant is deeply troubled by the racial slurs and insults heaped on him. But is unacceptable. Said in a statement. “We are proud to receive Mayor Woman Newton as a member of the Jefferson County Republican Party and, despite the difficulties, honor her commitment to serving her constituency.”

Although Wahl condemned his actions, he did not advise Bryant to resign. However, despite his history of racist comments and actions, Bryant did not apologize or express any regrets. In an interview Tuesday, Bryant said he did not intend to resign. Instead, he could actually run for mayor.

Freeman did not comment directly on the matter, but his lawyer issued the following statement. Statement“Statements are tantamount to indecent racial discrimination and harassment. Even in our society, such statements are deeply hurtful and totally unacceptable.”

Unfortunately, such incidents are not as rare as you might think. In April, a Colorado judge resigned after using the same racial slur in front of his black employees. Daily Cos Reportedly, the term is so disrespectful and wrong that some people, despite knowing it, don’t care and are unaware of stopping using it.

Watch the clip for yourself below:

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