Alcohol abuse in Walsall has destroyed the upmarket cocktail bar.

Plans to open a high-end cocktail bar in Walsall have failed amid fears that it could escalate into alcohol-driven violence in the town center. Walsall Council’s licensing subcommittee rejected Ace Cocktail Bar’s request to open part of the old Hoggs Head Pub building in Leicester Street in a hearing today (Wednesday, June 22).

Petitioners Naveen Baker and Donovan Kenark, the nominee’s caretaker, said they wanted to create 15 new jobs and promote the town center, as well as offer something different. They also agreed on a range of conditions before the hearing, including closing at 11pm – long before the hour where most problems occurred.

But West Midlands Police said the site was already full of licensed premises and sat in an overall impact zone, adding that they had to deal with problems all the time on weekends and evenings. These include the attacks on Leicester Street in April and May, an incident in March where a man took a knife from a nearby takeway at 11.10pm, and on June 11 at 10.20pm where police ended a fight between six women. Had to

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Jennifer Mailer, Walsall’s licensing and regulatory services officer, said the force has deployed more resources to the area to ensure officers are on duty by 5 a.m. on weekends. Walsall Pubwach and Pramjit Lakhar, who lived in the upstairs apartment, also opposed the bar.

He said: “I’ve seen the birds watching this crime happen. It happens all day long. I’m already having problems because of the music noise until 4 am. My flat is a registered building. I have so we can’t get double glazing.

“I’ve seen fights, I’ve seen people urinate in the corners, I’ve seen police abuse on a daily basis, and I’m convinced that another pub, especially on this street, will wreak havoc. I am afraid to leave my apartment for some reason. This noise is demonic. I am not sleeping on some occasions and it is affecting my health. I cannot see its value increasing.

“I’m trying to sell my apartment. It’s very difficult because having another pub under it won’t help my purpose.”

Ms Baker said her plan was not to have a pub where the venue would be open during the day to serve tea and finger foods, while Cocktails would attract a new client to the area. He said: “We are not setting up a pub or a club. It is a lounge and a bar with noise in the background.

“We have agreed to change the closing hours from 12pm to 11pm and we will follow all the recommendations and work with the licensing authorities, the police, the pubbach to ensure this. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

“Otherwise we will have bus boarded units on our highways. This is something we are trying to introduce to Walsall which is different and it will attract a growing number of retail shopping centers and create jobs. Will do. “

Mr Kenrick, a colleague, added: “I urge you, based on what you have heard, to give us a fair chance to contribute to the development of Walsall Town Center. Get out late and halfway through. Don’t come out at night, we’ll close before then.

“We’ve seen that over time, Walsall has become obsolete. With the online presence leaving the business and the risk of what’s happening in the financial crisis, we’ve been able to introduce jobs and We have the opportunity to grow this town and show people that Walsall is a wonderful city and we have good people living here and that we can compete with any other town or city. “

The subcommittee concluded that they were impressed by the “responsible and professional” approach of the applicants, but added that they had failed to disclose how their new project would affect the overall impact policy. Will not be adversely affected, so refused to issue a license.

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